Biography & Net Worth: Who Is Judge Michelle Odinet From Lafayette LA? Age, Instagram, and more

Who Is Judge Michelle Odinet From Lafayette LA? Age, Instagram, and more

Who Is Judge Michelle Odinet From Lafayette LA? Age, Instagram, and more: One Judge is currently facing the accusation of racism after a video is coming fore online. The video comes out, seizing individuals talking about racist slurs while viewing security footage of a failed burglary. Michelle Odinet talked about her and her family as sufferers of armed larceny at their upscale Bendel Gardens home. As per the report, Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet s under great media scrutiny after a video recorded at her house contained the use of a racial slur over the weekend. Let’s get to know more about it. Follow More Update On

Who Is Judge Michelle Odinet From Lafayette, LA?

Judge Michelle Odinet hails from Lafayette, Los Angeles, is a sufferer of armed larceny who talked about racial slurs at their upscale Bendel Gardens home. A video was recorded where several individuals were insulting racist remarks and comments over the weekend. In the video, her family collected to view home security footage of a failed larceny that has happened Saturday in their driveway. None of the speakers is watching the clip in the video, but several voices can continuously be heard saying “n—–“.

The “Mom’s shouting, n—-, n—–,” a male voice says, narrating the incident while watching the security footage. Another voice of female answered: “We have an—-, It is an—-, like a roach.” A Black male nearly 59-years-old was apprehended and charged with 2 counts of smile larceny in link with the incident, but the suspect did not have a weapon as pointed out.

Michelle Odinet Age and Instagram

The age of Michelle Odinet is not known yet at present, but she must be in her late 50’s as per her appearance. Michelle also has still needed to be featured on Wikipedia as well. She is tied the wedding knot to Lafayette Parish Coroner Kenneth Odinet Jr. and has 4 kids. She was elected to the bench just more than a 1 year ago. She says she has not slept since the larceny and she does not recall the racist language featured in the video. Between Judge Michelle Odinet and Roseanne, the FDA is gonna have to add “racist outbursts” to the side effects warnings of Ambien.

In addition to this, Michelle asserts that she was given a tranquilizing at the video and was not aware of using disturbing language at the time of it. She further added that anyone who knew her and her husband knows this is the opposite of how they lived. It is not clear yet who recorded the video or how it comes up on social media, but Michelle did confirm that it was from an insider in her house.

Michelle Odinet does not look to be resigning, but calls to leave are going up for her.