Biography & Net Worth: Who Is Mathew Bershadker? Everything To Know About ASPCA CEO

ASPCA CEO and president Matthew Bershadker earn an annual salary from $700k to $850k. He made a total of $712,397 yearly income, including compensation, in 2021. Not just that, he garnered $840,000 in 2019 and $852,231 in 2020.

Bershadker’s welfare foundation collected total revenue of $267,684,553 in 2021. Also, it shows total expenses up to $240,530,281, and net assets are $282,892,701 in American society’s prevention of cruelty to animals.

Matt led the ASPCA’s $25 million commitment to help at-risk animals and pet owners in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan region get off the ground. In addition, he ran a completely funded spay/neuter clinic in South Los Angeles.

Mr. Bershadker is spearheading a campaign to persuade locals to foster needy kittens. He also began leading a strong legislative drive in New York State to end the inhumane puppy mill pipeline by banning the selling of dogs, cats, and bunnies in pet stores.

During the global pandemic in 2020, Matthew and his team launched a series of programs to save dogs, cats, and horses in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and Asheville. They spent over $5 million in the rescue operation.