Biography & Net Worth: Who Is Paget Berry New Girlfriend? Cute Video On Instagram Makes It Official He’s Dating Again

English sailor Paget Berry made headlines when he abruptly announced his new relationship with his girlfriend on Instagram.

Paget Berry is most famous for his time on Below Deck. He participated in the show with his ex-fiance Ciara Duggan.

According to his IMDb page, he has two credits. They are for What What Happens Live and Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Below Deck: Who Is Paget Berry New Girlfriend? More About His New Partner

Below Deck star, Paget Berry announced his new relationship via an Instagram video. The video captioned saying that their two spend in Costa Rica was magical.

The few-second clips were a collage of their actions where they showed off their relationship.

The pair went from the jacuzzi to the waterfall while dancing to the tune of Magic in the Hamptons. They ended the montage with a sweet kiss on the beach.

The post was so well-loved that it got one thousand likes in under a day.

Why Did Paget Berry Break Up With Ciara Duggan?

Paget Berry and Ciara Duggan broke up in December of 2020. She gave an interview in April talking about their famous split.

The two realized that they were happier on their own rather than being together.

Indeed, she was busy with her temporary jobs and trying to make a living and didn’t put effort into their relationship.

The news came as a surprise as the couple was already nine months into their engagement.

Moreover, Duggan confirmed that they’re still on good terms and wish each other the best.

Is Paget Berry On Instagram? Meet Him On IG

Paget Berry is available on Instagram with the account pagetberry. Here he has a following of 45.4 thousand people.

On his bio states that he is a public figure and fitness and beer enthusiast.

Additionally, he loves to surf and snowboard.

The mate knows that he has a killer body and is not afraid to show it off to the world.

Indeed, he’s a killer body and shows off his working posting videos and photos with his significant other.

Paget Berry Age And Wikipedia

English-born first mate Paget Berry is in his 30s. His passion for the sea started at the tender age of thirteen.

Over the years, he learned his skill and has experience in sailing matches and catamarans.

At 18 years old, he worked as a deckhand, getting promoted as the First mate only when he was 22 years old.

His expeditions on the ocean have led his expeditions to exotic locations like Spain and the Mediterranean.

Moreover, he is an avid weightlifter and loves to play the guitar in his free time.