Biography & Net Worth: Who Is Revy_55? Santosogerio Twitter Was Banned But Video Still Exists

In a viral video, a girl finds the slimy parasite in her snug elements whereas in a fallacious place with somebody.

Utilizing an internet video transformation program, the movie provoked dialogue about “whether or not or not the younger lady was alive” when it was recorded or assumed it was a piece of fiction.

Authentic Content material Creator:

We’ll clarify what a “Twitter maggot video” is and why it’s getting a lot buzz.

Who’s Revi_55? Every part we find out about Revi 55 is a Twitter consumer that has circulated throughout the net after a false video was shared. The character and subtleties of the client nonetheless can’t be delivered.

Revi has 2391 supporters since becoming a member of the platform in 2019.

Most of his posts are hostile, and plenty of are reprimanding him, whereas others are loving his work.

Moreover, a lot of the netizens admit that the primary video was shared by consumer @thatgurlgg1.

The document, nonetheless, has been suspended, and plenty of are labeling him and leaving apologetic remarks.

Santosogeria Twitter Banned – Watch Maggot Movies Many individuals wish to submit goals through on-line media, whereas others use it to unfold info and mindfulness.

A gathering that usually posts disturbing tales, movies and images through web-based media with a view to acquire notoriety and extra followers by noticing their content material and apparently themselves.

Primarily, an obscure individual distributed a video on Twitter half a month in the past, and it went viral far and large. The video was reposted someday later by individuals like, for instance, thatgurlgg1, santosgerio, tmzbaltimore, and some extra.

In any case, his document is suspended and the video is taken from the stage. Sadly, the slimy Parasite film has began circulating the net once more.

The video, which was later taken down from Twitter, portrays a girl with an precise STD (a illness). The declared lady’s well being is completely horrible that parasites (worms) come out of her.

The strangest factor about this recording is that she is seen doing non-public issues with one other individual. The video of the Twitter maggot is so stunning that the general public watching it are kicking themselves for doing so in the intervening time.

We additionally urge you to not watch it as it’s hostile and it’s possible you’ll not admire it. We additionally gained’t submit the video right here due to its inclination.

Nevertheless, in case you may’t keep away from watching the “Twitter worm video,” right here’s what the Twitter submit ties in with the “viral video of lady with maggots.”