Biography & Net Worth: Who Is Stephen Hoge Wife? Everything To Know About Moderna President

Stephen Hoge Wife is in talks as people are curious about the personal life of Moderna Pharmaceuticals president’s marital life.

Stephen Hoge joined Moderna Company in 2012 when it was its initial phase with only two dozen employees.

Since then, it has bloomed as it has produced vaccines against the pandemic COVID-19.

In Today’s world, no one cannot recognize the name Moderna because of its vaccines and the popularity it gained from it.

Who Is Stephen Hoge Wife? Wikipedia Details

The President of Moderna Stephen Hogen is certainly, married to a beautiful wife, who makes him happy and completes his family. While we do know that she is a Physician Doctor, we have not had the privilege of knowing her name at the moment.

This information came out when the doctor gave an interview to Rand Richards Cooper and, it got featured in the Amherst story of the Amherst Colleges Magazine. 

During the interview, he said that his company was unknown till they manufactured the Moderna vaccine. From the beginning (about ten years), their company, we’re focused on making vaccines based on the mRNA.

At that time, he was flown with the question of why he approached a new way to make vaccines when there were other methods. He already saw that those methods were not efficient and were complicated. 

His efforts paid off when he could make vaccines that worked on the Corona Virus, as they had nine vaccines that worked by January 2020. Hoge also said that their company was the first to make mRNA vaccines.

Stephen Hoge Age -How Old Is He?

Stephen Hoge is 45 years old age. He was born in 1976. He is currently residing in Brookline, Massachusetts, United States.

Hoge has a degree in neuroscience from Amherst College. At the same time, he has an M.D. degree from the University of California, San Francisco.

Stephen is also the board of directors in axcella since 2014. He has recently stated that the Moderna vaccines might not be effective against the new variant Omicron but, he added that it would be early to say so.

Stephen Hoge Family Details

Stephen Hoge Family information is still unclear as he has kept the information in the dark. Hoge tries to keep his personal life private.

Stephen has a family of his own and, it comprises him, his wife, and their three children. He loves them and seems they are also supportive of him.

Both couples are from the science field, so it seems they have the same preferences. Stephen and his companion seem to be living in the suburbs of Boston.

Stephen also shared that he was elated to know that his vaccine worked in Corona. With the rise of the new variant, he says that he will be preparing a booster dose targeting the genes of the mutant virus and will take two-three months to prepare it.

Stephen Hoge Net Worth- How Rich Is He?

The net worth of Stephen Hoge is about $1.6 billion, stated by Forbes. 

Since the vaccines were produced during his tenure and he has his shares in Moderna, his earnings grew immensely. His income was boosted from his success in producing effective vaccines for the ongoing pandemic.

His earnings are from his works in the biotech, drug development, and vaccine production field throughout his career.