Biography & Net Worth: WHO-TV: What Happened To Ed Wilson? Arms Surgery Update: Is He Sick?

Ed Wilson informed about his injury through Facebook and Instagram posts on November 30, 2021.

Addressing his followers in an Instagram post, he said that he will not work for more than a few days due to surgery.

Hanging his right hand while holding his phone with his left hand, he said that his right hand was not in good shape and he needed to exercise his left hand.

Ed was also told that he would not be working for a few days, and that his colleagues were covering for him. He expressed his gratitude through the video.

In the following Instagram post on December 1, she updated that she was going to Dr. Go to Jacobson.

He is very grateful to the doctor and his team for making his experience as painless as possible.

So, yes, he is sick, and we wish him a speedy recovery, with the hope that he will broadcast his forecast soon.