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The pandemic has disrupted the education of the youngest school children. A recent report found that children in the first year of the 2020-2021 school year, that is, children who missed a significant period of education in the acceptance year during the COVID-19 school closures, were three months behind the expected level of reading. It turns out that the math is a month late.

The report is from the National Institute for Educational Policy Research (NFER), independent provider of education and research. We surveyed over 12,000 reading and math skills in the UK between the 2020 and 21 school years.

There was a COVID-19 achievement gap in both grades 1 and 2, but it was found that the difference was greater for grade 1 and students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The second graders were two months late in reading, but achieved better than expected levels in maths.

critical year

Great impact for the first 5 years to the rest of the child’s life. As part of this period school, it becomes very important when the student is 5 years old. It is accredited by Guidance for Schools.

Often, education standards government agencies make reading books at the center of the curriculum for a successful reception class. Introductory Mathematical Concepts This is another important element of education and learning at this basic level. Without a full year of welcome, consistent face-to-face learning of literacy and math, children could not expect to meet the levels achieved by the same age group before the pandemic.

The criteria that Reception Year Education in the UK must meet are: Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Within the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, teachers need to provide warm-up conversations, stimulating children’s interests and providing routines for play and learning.

If these basic elements of elementary education and development are not equally emphasized, the national curriculum will be delivered from the first year onwards. Children often move from a play-based approach to a more formal teaching method.

Children who missed many years of welcoming essential skills knowledge and a positive attitude toward learning are ready to change learning styles as you move through the first year.

reading difficulties

The NFER study found that the odds of COVID-19 in reading compared to math for first graders were larger. This may be related to how well children were able to attend house school.

Reading at home makes a child read for pleasure, it is important for children’s self-development and academic success. However, the current challenges of studying at home may have been greatly increased by the pandemic.

For example, the lack of books at home was exacerbated by limited or no access to school resources. Parents who may have found it difficult to find time to read with their children before the pandemic also worked at home with homeschooling. They can balance the needs of multiple children.

The reason why children are more advanced in math than in reading may be that math ideas and concepts were explored more effectively at home during school holidays than in reading.

Examine the mathematical concepts covered in the first and second years, such as counting, shapes and patterns, and the mathematical languages ​​related to these areas, and use them naturally in daily life and activities at home. I can This means that when the school was closed, the foundation could be laid around the concept of mathematics at home. This may be further investigated upon return to school.

The Ministry of Education offers a recovery package to a school in England to help children catch up on missed learning and development. This is commendable, but it is important to see the continuing pressure from the school community, children, staff and parents since this pandemic.

Not only did one student miss a significant part of early schooling this year, but many also found it a rewarding experience at home.

Additional hopes of catching up can add extra stress. Careful consideration should be given to how to teach the first year and beyond with each child’s developmental stage.

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