Biography & Net Worth: Why Is Tom Forster Resigning? Everything About The High Performance Coach For US Womens Gynastics Team

Tom Forster is the running team coordinator of the Women’s  National Gymnastic team, who is retiring at such early age. Please read the full article to get more insight into his wife and net worth.

Everyone is stunned by Tom Forster’s announcement about his retirement from the United States Women’s National Gymnastics Team on December 8, 2021.

He announced the news out of nowhere and has not spoken openly about the reason for his reign.

Please continue reading to learn more about the Coach and his achievements. 

Why Is Tom Forster Resigning?

Tom Forster, the high-performance director for women’s gymnastics in the United States, published a statement regarding his retirement on December 8, 2021.

He is retiring at the end of the year, i.e., December 31, 2021.

Forster, who took over the position in June 2018, assisted the US women to win gold at the world championships in 2018 and 2019 and silver at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Forster stated that he was proud of the program’s achievements during his tenure.

However, he has not responded to any press regarding the reason behind his retirement.

Who Is Gymnastics Tom Forster? 

An American gymnastics coach, Tom Forster, was a gymnast before pursuing his career as a coach. In addition, he is also an entrepreneur who owned Colorado Aerials in Colorado Springs for training the gymnast. 

His club has produced many members of the United States National Team and two Olympic Trials, competitors.

As of now, he has been a high-performance team coordinator for the United States women’s national gymnastics team since July 2018.

He served as the US women’s gymnastic coach after Valeri Liukin. An ex-coach stepped down as national team coordinator in February 2018.

He graduated from Penn State and has been a member of USA Gymnastics’ elite development national staff since 2010.

However, the elite coach, Tom Forster, is stepping down from his position as a coach on December 31, 2021. Continue reading to know the reason behind the resignation. 

Explore Tom Forster Age And His Supporting Wife

Since the exact date of birth of Mr. Forster has not been disclosed. We could not confirm his age. 

Even though he is getting older, he does not resemble other people his age.  Mr. Forster appears elegant and superfit even at his age. Perhaps this is the pros of his work as a gymnastics coach.

Tom Forster is married to his wife, known to be his partner in his club, Colorado Aerials. He co-founded Colorado Aerials in 1983 with his wife.

And as of today, his family runs the club while he is busy coaching the women’s national gymnastics.

Any further information on his wife is currently unavailable. However, we will keep you informed if anything related to her is published online. 

Tom Forster’s Net Worth As An Elite Coach

Tom Forster’s net worth is yet to be announced in public. It is still under review. However, the famous coach who has been in the position of team coordinator of the Women’s National Gymnastics team for three years has undoubtedly amassed a fortune.

In addition to that, he owns another training club called Colorado Aerials, where he teaches gymnastics education to young children.

He has been successfully running the club since 1983.