Biography & Net Worth: Why was Australian Ex-Cricketer Michael Slater Arrested? Charges Explained

Why was Australian Ex-Cricketer Michael Slater Arrested? Charges Explained

Michael Slater Arrested: Why was Australian Ex-Cricketer Michael Slater Arrested? Charges Explained: A former Australian cricketer, Michael Later is making the news headlines. Now many of his fans are wondering why is he making the news headlines so let us tell you guys that he has been arrested for the second time. Many of you guys are also wondering why so? So the reason behind his second arrest is going to be disclosed in the article below.  Let’s not delay anymore and grab the details about the whole. Follow More Update On

Michael Slater Arrested

Well, you guys are going to be so shocked to hear that he was charged in October with the Staking and harassment offenses. He has been done this with the woman and after this, his name was ruined and many of his fans were used to show their hatred ness to him. But he still respects ot and has been arrested on Wednesday. Here are the allegations on him that he use to be sending 66 messages and also making 18 calls to a woman and this one is violence. He has an alcohol disorder for which he was receiving treatment. What he had been didi was inappropriate and he must not have to do so as this was something so unexpected from him by his fans.

Why was Michael Slater Arrested?

Now he is again in the negative limelight due to his acts. So let us tell you that those measures from his side are harassing and threatening. Even they are highly offensive in nature. And those were sent almost send during the two and half hour window and this was done by him on Tuesday after which he has been arrested on Wednesday.

Now here are the claims which were made by his lawyer. As per his lawyer, “he was slipped up once” by relapsing with alcohol.

So as per this, he has been declared a mentally sick personality so now the court granted him bail and he would go to a mental health hospital.

A magistrate Michelle Goodwin stated that “Slater must not have in an illusion that if will we bailed, he will have to be back in custody.”

Well, the police are still deeply investigating the matter and they will be going to release the report soon. So the grab further information on the same stay tuned to us and bookmark our site.