Biography & Net Worth: Why were Florida Trump Supporters Arrested? Charges Explained

Why were Florida Trump Supporters Arrested? Charges Explained

Florida Donald Trump Supporters Arrested: Why were Florida Trump Supporters Arrested? Charges Explained: An arrest of the three people of Florida is making the news headlines, you must be wondering about the reason for their arrest so let us tell you that, they were repeated their votes. So now they become the most recent best example of republicans’ “Do as I say and mot as I do,” it relates to the alleged voter’s fraud. Yes, this is a voting fraud as one person one vote is allowed, but they were tried to repeat their votes. This matter becomes so big and they are now arrested by the officials. Three of them have been arrested as they are alleged for casting ballots out of state and even voting in Florida during the elections of 2020. Follow More Update On

Florida Donald Trump Supporters Arrested

Here are the names of the alleged voters, Jay Ketcik, Joan Halstead, and John Rider, as per the reporters they are the villagers these were registered themselves as the Republicans in Florida. While Jay Ketcik, and Joan Halstead, are also found as supporters of former President Donald Trump on social media platforms. The alleged republicans have been justified a fraud in voting rights. Well, let us also tell you that even the members are also involved in this. Hence it is a better example of “Do as I say and mot as I do.”

Why were Florida Donald Trump Supporters Arrested?

All three were arrested by the Florida police.  This is the rarest case of voting fraud, and it isn’t even prevalent to justify the fixation of the fraud votes but Republicans did so and it now becomes a matter of concern and scattering across the country place. Well, such a type of voting fraud can’t be impacted much on the outcome of an election. Thus, this fraud hasn’t impacted the election of 2020. So an associated press investigation clearly and deeply looked into six battleground states, Trump and others allied an alleged fraud. Out of more than 25 million ballots cast, approximately 475 questionable ballots were uncovered.

Here are some of the errors in the administration that are due to the alleged frauds such as almost half of 64 flagged in Georgia.