Black Swan on Masked Singer: Clues & Guesses It’s JoJo


The Black Swan on ‘The Masked Singer.’

The Black Swan is a fan-favorite singer on this season of The Masked Singer, and a number of fans are determined that the celebrity hiding under the mask is Jojo.

With just five contestants remaining, it’s anyone’s guess who will take home the crown this go around, but if one thing is for sure, it’s that Jojo fans will be frustrated if the trophy goes to anyone but her.

Not only does the Black Swan sound like a vocal replica of Jojo, but there are a number of clues that point to Jojo being under the costume. Other guesses for the swan are Demi Lovato and Ashley Simpson, but people aren’t so sure those guesses fit.

Here’s what we know:

Clues That Point to Jojo

The Clues: Black Swan | Season 5 Ep. 2 | THE MASKED SINGERBased on these clues, can you guess who the Black Swan is? Subscribe now for more The Masked Singer clips: Watch more videos from The Masked Singer: Catch full episodes now: Like The Masked Singer on Facebook: Follow The Masked Singer on Twitter: Follow The Masked Singer on Instagram:…2021-03-18T01:32:25Z

In the first clues video, the Swan stated that she was “incredibly rare”. She said that her “talent” made her the “prey” of someone else– as she said this, a WANTED poster flashed in the background. She said she thought she would “never see the light again”.

The flash of a chess piece was enough to convince Ken Jeong that the person belting it out under the mask is Anya Taylor Joy, while others mused it could be Camila Cabello.

In our opinion, the singer is, without doubt, Jojo Levesque. Jojo was just 13 when she topped the charts, and she’s had a roller-coaster of a career since. But why do we think it’s Jojo?

Not only would this show make sense for Jojo at this stage in her career, but devoted fans are aware that Jojo came close to playing Hannah Montana on Disney a while back. (That would explain the references to Montana).

Another great clue is the monster that has been referenced in her clues package. As  Masked Singer fans may recall, T-Pain was the monster in Season 1 of the show, and Jojo did a version of the singer’s hit song, “Can’t Believe It.”

On top of that, the ‘scales of justice’ references, per Cosmopolitan, could refer to the singer’s issues with her record labels in the past.

And lastly, as pointed out by Cosmo, the globe reference could allude to the world map tattoo she has. 

What Fans Think

Masked Singer BLACK SWAN Takes It To ANOTHER LEVEL In The Group B Finals!@The Masked Singer | Season 5 Episode 5 | Group B Finals A more in-depth look at ALL The Masked Singer characters here:… OTHER ‘MASKED SINGER’ PREDICTIONS and SPOILERS SEASON 4 – Sun: Popcorn: Snow Owls: Crocodile: Whatchamacallit: Jellyfish: Broccoli: Seahorse: Mushroom: SEASON 3 -…2021-04-08T00:24:43Z

One look at the Youtube comments section– which has proved to be notoriously accurate over all seasons of The Masked Singer— reveals that Jojo is the singer under the mask.

The most ‘liked’ comment on the video above reads, “We all know its jojo, they know its jojo, God knows its jojo. it’s jojo.”

The second most popular comment reads, “They either don’t know who Jojo is or they are guessing incorrectly on purpose for dramatic effect when she’s revealed. Her voice is too distinct to think it’s anyone but Jojo if you know her.”

For now, we’ll have to wait and see when the celeb is unmasked to determine the true identity of the Black Swan.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on FOX at 8 pm ET/PT.

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