Bogdan Mocanu Accident | Bogdan Mocanu Car Accident

Barbara Alexander Car Accident

Bogdan Mocanu Accident | Bogdan Mocanu, the winner of season 1 of Puterea Dragostei was involved in a car accident right in Mamaia resort, and the news was even given by his fans on the social media pages. The car he was driving suffered serious damage.

Bogdan Mocanu, the former contestant from Puterea Dragostei, broke up with Andra
Bogdan Mocanu was not in the best mental state, since he had just broken up with Andra. Images of Bogdan and Ella appeared on the internet. But something happened… ”Since I returned from Italy, from Andra, everything was super ok there, I have had some discussions since I returned to the country. Last night, I went out with a friend, and I was in the Old Center, and when we left we saw Ella in the back. Ella came, we greeted each other, she stayed with her friends, me and mine.

I didn’t walk 10 seconds in a row. In the back were some children who had taken pictures of me and Ella. We left and people took pictures of us from behind. Ella, super feeling, when I got home she said to me: see that, talk to Andra and tell her that we met, in case pictures appear. I got home, saw tagged pictures, and then woke up Andra blocking me again. I didn’t think there was such a thing. I abstain a lot in respect. Last night I saw Matias and greeted Ella. If I met Ella secretly, would I go to the old center? ”, Said Mocanu.


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