Bowel cancer: Symptoms include change in bowel movement – red flag signs – What We Know!

Also referred to as colon or rectal most cancers, bowel most cancers begins in your massive bowel. This sort is taken into account to be one of many “commonest” within the UK, with virtually 43,000 new diagnoses every year. Fortuitously, selecting up the situation early on might imply that remedy will have the ability to goal it and even cease it from coming again.

This signal can current as having to poo extra usually or the consistency of your stool altering, for instance, it may well turn into runny.

Bowel Most cancers UK defined: “Inform your GP you probably have observed any persistent and unexplained adjustments in your bowel behavior, particularly in case you even have bleeding out of your again passage. 

“You will have looser poo and you might must poo extra usually than regular.

“Or you might really feel as if you’re not going to the bathroom usually sufficient otherwise you would possibly really feel as if you’re not totally emptying your bowels.”


The final three indicators are at all times attributable to consuming and may be additionally accompanied by a lack of urge for food or weight reduction.

The well being service added that whereas these indicators may be pointing to bowel most cancers, folks affected by them don’t essentially have the situation.

It is because different well being issues can even current with these warning indicators.

From haemorrhoids to the kind of meals you ate, many different components and circumstances could cause the identical points. 

What causes bowel most cancers?

Whereas the precise explanation for the situation is unknown, there are many issues that could possibly be elevating your danger.

A few of them, together with household historical past and age, can’t be affected. Nevertheless, others, equivalent to your way of life habits, may be switched up.

To decrease your danger of bowel most cancers, you must make sure you get sufficient fibre in your food regimen whereas reducing again on crimson and processed meat.

Alcohol and smoking are additionally not advisable as each of those actions can enhance your probabilities of bowel most cancers.


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