Brockhampton Delivers Emotional Lyrics & Crisp Production On “WHEN I BALL”

Brockhampton Delivers Emotional Lyrics & Crisp Production On "WHEN I BALL"

Brockhampton has been a massive force in the music industry since 2017 when they burst onto the scene with their SATURATION series. These albums are what introduced many fans to the group and since that time, they have received major label support and have continuously updated their sound. Now, they are right back with a new album called ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE, and it is packed full of great new songs, including “WHEN I BALL.”

This track features some crisp production which has always been the standard for the group. From there, the various different members offer up some emotional lyrics that take a look at their childhoods and where they’ve gotten to now. It’s clear each member has been through a lot, and these experiences culminate in yet another phenomenal effort.

Quotable Lyrics:

My momma said I didn’t come into this world with tears
Instead I welcomed her with open eyes and open ears
Became the glue to a few things that couldn’t be repaired
We saw a future in each other, blending hope and fear