Bruce Pofahl: 5 Fast Facts You Need to KNow

Oneida Casino Active Shooter Situation ‘Contained’

Oneida Casino

An Oneida casino active shooter was reported.

Bruce K. Pofahl was named as the 62-year-old gunman who opened fire at the Oneida Casino and Radisson Hotel and Conference Center near Green Bay, Wisconsin, on the evening of Saturday, May 1, 2020. Two people were killed, along with the gunman, and a third victim was seriously injured.

The suspect was a former employee who was fired earlier in 2021 and was barred from entering the property, Brown County Sheriff Todd Delain said Monday at a press conference.

The victims were identified as Ian J. Simpson, 35, Jacob T. Bartel, 32, and Daniel L. Mulligan, 28. Simpson and Bartle were killed and Mulligan is in serious, but stable condition at a Milwaukee hospital. All three victims worked at the casino.

Authorities said it was a “targeted event, not a random shooting. It was targeting a specific victim.” The target wasn’t there, so the gunman decided to shoot the target’s co-workers and friends, police said at a press conference.

The casino is run by the Oneida Nation and is located in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, near Green Bay.

Here’s what you need to know about Bruce Pofahl:

1. The Shooting Happened at the Duck Creek Restaurant in the Radisson

LIVE: Brown County Sheriff details Oneida Casino shooting2021-05-03T15:03:29Z

Delain said at a press conference on Monday the shooting happened in the Duck Creek Restaurant located in the Radisson Hotel part of the Oneida Casino complex. There were about 100 people, including guests and employees, in the area where the shooting occurred, Delain said.

According to Delain, the gunman was armed with a 9mm handgun. He said they are investigating whether he legally owned the gun.

Delain said 75 law enforcement officers and fire and EMS personnel immediately responded from several local departments and agencies.

Delain said the shooting happened in an area open to the public. The suspect walked into an area where about 50 patrons were. According to police, the suspect shot two people inside the restaurant and then shot a third person outside. The shootings were over in 10 minutes or less, Delain said.

Delain said officers formed teams to enter the building and locate the threat while others began providing first aid to the victims. “A contact team from the Green Bay Police Department was able to engage and neutralize the suspect,” outside the building on the north side of the complex near a parking garage. Delain said the suspect was shot by police shortly after he

Scanner traffic said the active shooter was reported at the “Oneida Casino Radisson,” possibly at a wedding. The shooting was in the restaurant area or sports bar, according to the dispatch audio. “It’s in the restaurant. Male with hat and glasses,” said an officer.

The Radisson Hotel and Conference Center are connected to the casino.

“Suspect is down,” an officer said in the dispatch audio.

The initial call reported there were “reports of an active shooter.”

Fox6 spoke to a witness, who said, “We all started walking outside slowly, and next thing you know they say this is serious. Next thing we know you see a cop with an AR15. It was nuts.” He said the “next thing you know we hear 40 shots. We were running and ducking in the woods…There were a lot of shots for sure.”

2. The Investigation Into the Shooting Is Ongoing & the Exact Motive Is Not Yet Known

Delain said his department will be investigating the shootings at the casino, while a separate agency, the Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation will investigate the officer-involved shooting of the suspect.

Delain said about Pofahl, “We know he is a former employee there,” and “was familiar with at least some of the employees” at the restaurant, but they are still trying to figure out the suspect’s motive.

“We know this was not a random act or anything like that,” Delain said. “We believe it was targeted.”

3. Pofahl Was the Target of a Restraining Order by an Employee of the Restaurant

Delain confirmed at the press conference that the suspect was the target of a restraining order taken out against him by someone who worked at the casino. Delain said he could not go into details of who the suspect was targeting.

He also did not disclose why the suspect was fired by the casino and hotel restaurant. He did not say how long the suspect worked at the restaurant.

4. Pofahl Was a Brown County Resident & Worked as a Food & Beverage Manager at the. Restaurant

Three dead, including suspect, in Ashwaubenon Oneida Casino shootingThree people are dead, including the suspected shooter, after a shooting at Oneida Casino in Ashwaubenon Saturday night, local law enforcement officials confirm.2021-05-02T13:06:33Z

Pofahl worked as the restaurant’s food and beverage manager, an Oneida Nation spokesperson said at the press conference. Delain said Pofahl was a Brown County resident and had limited prior interaction with police.

There are no records of arrests or criminal cases involving Pofahl available in the online Wisconsin public court records database. Pofahl has speeding tickets in Virginia and Minnesota on his record, according to a public records search conducted by Heavy, but no other known run-ins with police.

5. Pofahl Has Also Lived Around the Country, Including Recently in Florida

Public records show that Bruce Kimbel Pofahl has lived all over the United States. Along with a Green Bay address, Pofahl has also recently lived in Apopka, Florida, public records seen by Heavy show.

Pofahl has also lived in Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon and North Carolina, according to public records.

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