Can You Vote on American Idol Tonight? How and When?

Can You Vote on American Idol Tonight? How and When?
How and when to vote next on this season of American Idol.


How and when to vote next on this season of American Idol.

Tonight, the top 12 American Idol contestants will be revealed during the first live show of the season. Per Idol’s official website, America voted for its top 12 performers following Sunday night’s episode that eliminated eight singers, whittling the number of competitors down to 16 from 24.

Of the 16 singers, 12 will make it through tonight. Just who makes it is in America’s hands now. While voting is closed at the moment, and won’t open tonight, fans will get more chances to vote for their remaining favorites again in the coming weeks. But when?

When Does Voting Open Next?

Once the top 12 contestants are unveiled tonight, viewers will have to wait until the next voting period to help their favorites win the Idol crown. Per American Idol, voting time periods vary every week. Voting opens up again on Sunday, April 18th, per Idol’s website, at 8 p.m. EST and closes “during the show’s last commercial break.”

Before voting opened up to the public during this season of Idol, the show’s celebrity judges — Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan — determined which contestants moved on to the next round.

To vote in future shows, visit, download the American Idol app, or text your contestant’s number, found on Idol’s official site and included below, to “21523.”

  • Alanis Sophia: text “1” to 21523
  • Cassandra Coleman: text “2” to 21523
  • Alyssa Wray: text “3” to 21523
  • Wyatt Pike: text “4” to 21523
  • Deshawn Goncalves: text “7” to 21523
  • Graham DeFranco: text “8” to 21523
  • Willie Spence: text “11” to 21523
  • Grace Kinstler: text “12” to 21523
  • Madison Watkins: text “14” to 21523
  • Beane: text “15” to 21523
  • Chayce Beckham: text “18” to 21523
  • Colin Jamieson: text “19” to 21523
  • Ava August: text “21” to 21523
  • Caleb Kennedy: text “22” to 21523
  • Hunter Metts: text “23” to 21523
  • Casey Bishop: text “24” to 21523

Each voter has a maximum of 10 votes that they can use for one contestant per voting platform, and that includes the website, app, and text message. According to Idol’s website, if a fan votes for a particular contestant on all three platforms that can equal up to 30 votes for him or her.

‘American Idol’ Stars Encourage Fans to Vote on Social Media

During Sunday night’s broadcast, which unveiled the top 16 contestants, American Idol judges took to social media to encourage followers to vote for their favorite Idol singers. On Instagram, Idol judge and pop singer Katy Perry posted sexy selfies with the caption, “…don’t forget to watch then vote!”

Fellow judge and country music star Luke Bryan encouraged his fans to vote via this Twitter post and wished the top 16 contestants “good luck.”

Meanwhile, judge and singer Lionel Richie gave fans a little extra encouragement to vote via a video message posted to his Instagram account. “…Listen to me, one of the judges on this American Idol show. The only way your favorite can get through is if you have to vote,” Richie said while sitting behind the judge’s table inside the American Idol studio. He also told fans, “It’s in your hands.”

ABC’s American Idol airs at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on Sundays and Mondays on ABC.

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