Canadian WCTH Trailer Paints Different Picture from Hallmark

Canadian WCTH Trailer Paints Different Picture from Hallmark

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When Calls the Heart

New trailers released by The Hallmark Channel for the Season 8 finale of “When Calls the Heart” offer clues about Elizabeth’s choice. But how should those clues be interpreted? The two trailers — one from Canada and one from Hallmark — paint a different picture of what to expect.

This article will have minor SPOILERS for Season 8 Episode 12, the season finale of “When Calls the Heart.” 

Canada’s Trailer Includes Scenes Missing from Hallmark’s

There are also two trailers for the upcoming episode. One was released by Super Channel Heart & Home in Canada, and it’s different than the one from Hallmark that many viewers have seen. You can watch it in the video below or at this link if the video doesn’t show up in your browser.

At the beginning of the trailer, it seems like Rosemary and Elizabeth might be on better terms. Elizabeth tells Rosemary, “I feel so lost.” Rosemary seems sympathetic.

Rosemary tells her, “People come into our lives. Some for a reason, others for a season, and some for a lifetime.”

The montage while Rosemary says these words is different from the one seen on The Hallmark Channel’s trailer. On The Hallmark Channel, we saw Lucas when she says “season” and we saw Nathan with Elizabeth when she says, “for a lifetime.” Here, we first see Elizabeth removing her wedding ring. Then we see Lucas when Rosemary says “for a reason,” followed by Elizabeth looking up and seeing the saloon’s balcony empty.

Then we see Nathan when Rosemary says “for a season.” But we don’t see either when she says “for a lifetime.” Instead, we  Elizabeth looking at the North West Mounted Police Regional Office as Rosemary says “for a lifetime,” quickly followed by Elizabeth running down a road in Hope Valley.

Also in this trailer, we see Faith and Carson hugging, while Faith looks upset, and Mike shaking Henry’s hand over what looks like some kind of business deal. We see Clara running happily, followed by another quick shot of Elizabeth running, and then we see Minnie and Joseph kissing outside the schoolhouse.

We see another shot of Elizabeth running down the road, followed by Fiona tying Mike’s bow tie for him. We see Molly and Bill exchanging a happy look, Florence hugging Ned as he’s back in town, and Lee and Rosemary exchanging a kiss. Then we see a large group of children and their parents outside the schoolhouse.

The trailer ends with Elizabeth reaching the end of the road, looking upset, as Rosemary’s voiceover says, “You will find your way.”

Hallmark Channel’s Trailer Offers Different Clues

The next trailer was released by The Hallmark Channel. You can watch it below or at this link if your browser doesn’t show the video for you.

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This trailer is similar but still distinct from the Canadian trailer.

The trailer begins with Rosemary asking Elizabeth: “I take it you haven’t talked to Lucas yet? Or Nathan?”

“Not yet,” she replies.

Next, we see her walking in to visit Nathan. “Hi,” she says. He looks surprised to see her. “Hi,” he replies.

The next scene shows her talking to Lucas at the saloon. “What you said the other night about love,” she says. “You were right.”

But she’s speaking to him at a busy saloon, so surely she can’t be making a huge declaration of love when they’re not alone, right?

Then we hear the same quote from Rosemary that we heard in the Canadian trailer. This one seems to make a greater case for Nathan during the voiceover, since it clearly shows Lucas during the “for a season” part and Nathan during the “for a lifetime” portion of the voiceover.

Then Rosemary adds, “And now it’s up to you to decide.”

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