Cara Maria Sorbello Throws Shade at ‘The Challenge’ Legend


TV personality Cara Maria Sorbello attends MTV’s “The Challenge: Rivals II” final episode and reunion party

Cara Maria Sorbello has been off our screens for a few seasons now but the two-time champ is still very much involved in The Challenge world and has posted about the show on occasion. Recently, Cara Maria even fired a shot at one of her costars, Challenge legend Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio.

A fan shared a series of nine photos of Challenge stars and wrote that those nine competitors are their favorites after six years of watching the show. The competitors on the list included Cara Maria, her boyfriend Paulie Calafiore, CT Tamburello, Darrell Taylor and Johnny Bananas, to name a few. Here’s the original post:

The Challenge Cara Maria SorbelloThe Challenge Cara Maria Sorbello

InstagramA screenshot of a fan’s Instagram story.

Cara Maria shared the clip to her own Instagram but replaced Johnny Bananas’ photo with a photo of Paulie’s brother and Big Brother winner Cody Calafiore. She wrote, “Impeccable taste.” Here is her version of the photo:

The Challenge Cara MariaThe Challenge Cara Maria

InstagramCara Maria’s version of the photo

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Bananas Recently Said the 2 Aren’t Really Friends Anymore Because of Her Relationship With Paulie

Although Bananas and Cara Maria were seen working together on a few more recent seasons of The Challenge as some of the only veterans in the game, the two no longer appear to be friends and Bananas addressed that in a 2019 interview when War of the Worlds 2 was airing. “We had our issues in the past,” Bananas explained to PEOPLE. “We put all our differences aside. We had this amazing experience on one of the Challenges where we actually became really close and really good friends.”

However, the seven-time champ hinted that her new relationship with Paulie affected their friendship: “Because of recent events in her life with new relationships, that’s completely changed,” he revealed. “Our relationships changed and there really is a darkness that’s come over her recently that I think has changed our relationship.”

If there was any doubt that Bananas was speaking about Paulie, they were put to rest when he addressed her relationship in a HollywoodLife interview. “Cara Maria found herself in an unfortunate position with a very sociopathic, narcissistic human being, and I feel bad for her.

I just hope one of these days she comes to her senses and realizes that everything this guy is doing is self-centered and trying to capitalize off her notoriety and her fame. The guy’s obsessed with being a reality TV personality and he’ll do anything he can — even if it’s destroying the minds and lives of girls — in order to do that.

Cara Maria & Johnny Bananas Have Both Taken a Break From the Show

Neither Cara Maria nor Johnny Bananas has appeared on The Challenge recently, as they’ve both been pursuing other opportunities. Bananas is currently the host of Celebrity Sleepover and 1st Look and recently told Heavy that he feels it’s time to take a step back from the competition show to focus on other projects.

At the time, he said he’d like to explore other career possibilities and joked that it may be time to let other competitors win the show. Cara Maria, on the other hand, hasn’t been on The Challenge since her dominant season on War of the Worlds 2 when she just missed out on the win in the final.

After that show, she said she needed to take a break to focus on herself and finding her happiness again. However, Cara Maria also made comments about Total Madness and that the show was “rigged” for Johnny Bananas to win, CheatSheet wrote at the time, which may be impacting a possible return to the show.

In July 2020, an MTV tea account wrote that a male cast member “who has a say in production” was “causing unfair treatment to one of the most popular female competitors on the show.” Those claims haven’t been proven and no name was given, but Challenge star Jemmye Carroll retweeted it in reference to Cara Maria. She said, “Cara and I may not be friends anymore but this is unfair. She deserves a seat at the challenge table more than most cast-members..”

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