Cassie Randolph Posts to Instagram After Colton’s Interview

Cassie Randolph Posts to Instagram After Colton’s Interview

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Cassie Randolph.

Bachelor star Cassie Randolph has been active on Instagram since her ex-boyfriend’s interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America aired — and subsequently went viral — on Wednesday, April 14. In that interview, Colton Underwood came out as gay.

“I’ve ran from myself for a long time. I’ve hated myself for a long time. I came to terms with that earlier this year and have been processing it, and the next step in all of this was sort of letting people know,” Underwood told Roberts. Cassie has yet to speak out about Colton’s sexuality or react to the public apology that he offered her on national television.

On the April 15 edition of Nightline, more footage from Colton’s sit-down with Roberts aired, according to Us Weekly. In one segment, Colton admitted that he never told Cassie that he was gay. The two met on The Bachelor and went on to date for nearly two years before going their separate ways.

“I don’t know if I ever will get the chance to sit down and talk with her. I would like to. I would like to say sorry for how things ended. … I made mistakes at the end of that relationship,” Colton told Roberts. “I made mistakes at the end of that relationship and I ruined the good memories we had by my actions and what I did to hold on to being straight because I didn’t want to look myself in the mirror. So for that, I’m extremely, extremely sorry,” he said in another segment.

Here’s what you need to know:

Cassie Is Currently on Vacation

Cassie is currently living her best life, on vacation with some friends and her siblings. Cassie has been fairly active on social media, consistently posting to her Instagram Stories, sharing photos and videos of her time in Cozumel, Mexico, according to Us Weekly.

Bachelor fans have been keeping a close eye on Cassie’s social media, wondering if she will post any kind of response to Colton’s interview. However, thus far, she’s been focused on her vacation and nothing more.

On April 15, Cassie took to Instagram to share of photo of herself hugging her sister, Michelle. Fans couldn’t help but praise Cassie, and show her love and support after the interview aired.

“You’re a queen and deserve all of the happiness,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Unbothered and I’m here for it. Cute cass,” added another.

“Enjoy your life babe, don’t even give interview,” a third wrote.

“Sending love your way,” a fourth commented.

Several others commented showing Cassie love with red heart emoji. At least one person commented, “I’m sorry,” while several others expressed that they are “Team Cassie.”

Cassie Is Reportedly ‘Still Processing’ the News That Colton Is Gay

Although Cassie has yet to publicly address Colton’s sexuality, a source told Us Weekly that the reality star is “still processing” things.

“She was not made aware in advance that he was going to be on GMA doing a tell-all. To be honest, she hasn’t really had time to navigate how she feels about it yet,” an insider told the outlet after Colton’s GMA interview aired.

The source went on to say that things haven’t been easy for Cassie after her split from Colton in May 2020. “Post-breakup was an emotional journey for her and it was painful at times. She has taken a lot of steps to move on in life and has been focused on her well-being and her happiness. She has not been in communication with Colton,” the insider shared.

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