Catching Up With RHOA Star & Mom Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey x Seagram’s Escapes

Cynthia Bailey for Seagrams Escapes

Although season 13 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” may be winding down, star Cynthia Bailey is just getting started. Coming off of filming for “Real Housewives All-Stars,” Bailey is ready for Mother’s Day and has collaborated with Seagram’s Escapes to create the “Momosa” cocktail just in time for the holiday, which is made with Seagram’s Peach Bellini, developed by the RHOA star herself.

Bailey has also been working with Seagram’s on a few new community initiatives over the past year, including a national empowerment tour for women at various colleges and universities. Recently, Heavy caught up with Bailey over email to hear more about her work outside of the show, her Mother’s Day plans, and how her marriage to Mike Hill has been going so far.

Read on for our exclusive interview with Bailey, as she gives us an update about her life on and off “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

HEAVY: What are your Mother’s Day plans? Any special plans with your daughter, Noelle?

Cynthia Bailey: I plan on spending Mother’s Day with my mother and siblings. Unfortunately, my daughter will not be in town, but we plan on celebrating the next time we are in the same city together.

HEAVY: How is Mike Hill doing, and are you enjoying your first year of marriage?

Bailey: Mike is doing amazing! I am absolutely loving my first year of marriage. We have officially been married for 6 months. It is always challenging to balance my busy work schedule and my family life, however I am doing my best to make it all work.  We are spending most of our time in Atlanta at LAKE BAILEY ON THE HILL, considering his new job is going to be based here in Atlanta.

HEAVY: Is there a story behind the “Momosa?”

Bailey: As a mother, I wanted to come up with a fun cocktail to celebrate Mother’s Day. I decided to mix my Seagram’s Escapes Peach Bellini (or your favorite Seagram’s Escapes flavor) with your choice of any sparkling white wine or champagne. It only has a small amount of alcohol and is the perfect way for a busy mom to decompress without getting too tipsy.

HEAVY: What made you decide on peach bellini as your signature flavor? Is that your favorite kind of cocktail?

Bailey: As a peach holder on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” I thought it would be fun to make my first signature cocktail with a peach flavor. I decided to go with a bellini because I noticed the Seagram’s Escapes brand didn’t have any and I’ve always loved the pairing of prosecco and peach flavor. 

HEAVY: Will you be seeing any of your fellow RHOA castmates for a Mother’s Day celebration?

Bailey: No I will not, I will be with my family as I am sure they will be with theirs.

HEAVY: Can you tell me more about your empowerment tour with Seagram’s? What have been your favorite moment from that experience?

Bailey: Last year, Seagram’s Escapes and I began a seven-city, national empowerment tour that we hosted at colleges and universities. Recently, we kicked off a virtual tour along with Rolling Out Magazine and hosted our first event in March! We have two more events – May and June – and each event features inspiring conversations by a panel of local women.

The panelists share their unique insight, tips and tricks for success for navigating both career and life. My favorite part and what I miss the most about the tour is being able to physically go on the road to different cities, connecting with everyone by way of physical contact and in-person interactions such as hugging & taking photos together. Follow @SeagramsEscapes on Instagram to learn more and register for the events!

HEAVY: Have any RHOA stars gotten involved in the empowerment tour?

Bailey: No, not at this time. Hopefully in the near future as they all have some great nuggets to share.

HEAVY: Since season 13 just ended, how are you feeling about the upcoming season 14 and who from the current cast would you like to see return to the show?

Bailey: As with all of the seasons that I have been a part of the show, I am looking forward to filming next season. Filming season 13 was extremely challenging due to Covid-19, but I think we did an awesome job under the circumstances.

The great thing about season 14 is that it is looking like the pandemic is almost behind us and the world is slowly getting back to normal. Therefore I am looking forward to filming a wild, fun next season. I’m in a great place with everyone from the current cast on the show and understand that we all bring different things. I am fine with everyone coming back.


Viewers can catch the third and final part of the season 13 “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion on Sunday, May 8 at 8/7c.

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