Catelynn Baltierra Opens Up About ‘Traumatic’ Experience

Catelynn Baltierra Opens Up About ‘Traumatic’ Experience
Catelynn Baltierra


“Teen Mom OG” star Catelynn Lowell Baltierra opened up about her “traumatic” experience on the finale of Season 9.

MTV personalityCatelynn Lowell Baltierra revealed that she miscarried on the Season 9 finale of Teen Mom OG. The reality star had focused on getting pregnant for most of the season. It’s the second time Catelynn lost a baby, a tragedy that she called triggering.

“So I woke up from a nap today and I was bleeding, so we miscarried this baby,” Catelynn told MTV cameras at the end of the finale. “It’s hard, period. Anybody who has been through it knows how difficult and heartbreaking it is. It just sucks because we were really excited.”

Catelynn was met with a wave of emotions that were reminiscent of when she placed her eldest daughter, Carly, for adoption in 2009. Catelynn is also the mother of 6-year-old Nova and 2-year-old Vaeda.

“I got triggered when I had the first miscarriage because I was losing a child all over again. That trauma from being 16 years old and handing your child away to somebody really got triggered and it brought up all sorts of emotions,” the mother-of-three explained. “It’s just crazy what your mind can do. How it holds on to these things and brings them out in different ways.”

In a December statement about her miscarriage, Catelynn revealed she found out she was pregnant on Thanksgiving Day.

Catelynn Said She Was Handing the Second Miscarriage Better Than the First

Catelynn was still devastated about losing the baby, but she said it was easier to handle having a miscarriage the second time around.

“My mental health is in a better state because it’s not like overcoming me or making me spiral,” she told the cameras. “I can tell the mental health work I’ve done has worked, but that being said, it still sucks and you still have a moment of being mad at your body. It’s super hard and it’s a traumatic experience.”

A few days after she filmed her confessional, Catelynn met with Tyler to talk about the loss. Tyler said his first reaction was to worry about how his wife was coping but Catelynn wanted him to know he also has room to grieve. “That is a huge mourn and a huge loss for you too,” she said.

Catelynn Is Currently Pregnant With Baby No. 4

After experiencing her second miscarriage, Catelynn was happy to announce that she and Tyler were expecting their second rainbow baby. The MTV star made the announcement in February, confirming they were having a fourth daughter.

The couple hadn’t been shy about expressing their wishes for a boy, but Catelynn said she was thrilled to be a four-time girl mom.

“While we wanted a boy since this is our last, as long as she’s healthy though that’s really all that matters,” she told Celebuzz. “This is our last and final but we know one day we will have a grandson and adore him!”

“This rainbow was worth the storm,” she wrote on Instagram. “Baby Baltierra coming soon.”  They haven’t shared the little girl’s moniker yet, but they’re already calling her “baby Z.” 

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Part 1 of the Teen Mom OG Season 9 reunion when it airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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