Celebrities Who Are Frequent Guests at the Casino

(Hollywood and comics have made casinos the most stylish thing. Even Hollywood celebrities are not immune to its magic.)

Gambling is among the oldest sports ever invented by human civilization. It is not just a game but a part of our instinct. Since the stone Age, men have loved to take risks to bring home larger games. Thus, it is futile to imagine that casinos will ever go out of fashion. More and more people are getting into the groove of online gambling if they do not have access to a land casino. And celebrities are no different. Several celebrities gamblers appear frequently in the celebrity news for either a grand win or a loss. In this article, today, we are gonna talk about some such famous celebs who love to gamble.

Matt Damon 

Matt Damon is a professional blackjack and poker player. For his movie Rounders, we became a student of Johnny Chan who is a professional player. In order to grasp the role better, he gave his heart to learning gambling games and eventually lost his heart to it. He is seen to participate in various tournaments and has won many of them. He plays mostly at casinos that have a good reputation and a better payback. If you are looking for similar online platforms take a look at the top $1 deposit casino sites in Canada like Casinosterson. Matt Damon is an extremely smart player who uses all his knowledge to win big rounds at tables.

Tobey Macguire 

Tobby Macguire is a renowned gambler and is often seen to participate in private games. In 2004, he lost a significant amount of money to Ben Affleck but he has been unstoppable. And soon, he acquired his luck back through other games. He is known to win several times at Texas Hold’em Tables.

George Clooney 

George Clooney has starred in Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13. Along with Tobey Macguire, he has participated in several private Hollywood tournaments. Together, they have been the inspiration for the movie called Molly’s Game. He also attempted to build his own casino in Vegas. He invested a lot of money in the project but it never saw the day of light.

He is a seasoned player in roulette, spins, poker, and other such games. The veteran actor is one of the oldest Hollywood actors to get seriously into the gambling field.

Charles Barkley 

Charles Barkley is a sports celebrity who has won hearts over the world. This NBA legend has tried his career in both movies and sports. He is a renowned poker player and has won some small amount of money but had also lost a significant amount of money.

Since he left basketball, he claimed to have spent 10 million dollars on casinos. Although he had lost quite a lot in the field of online gambling, his successful basketball career ensured that he does not go bankrupt.

Brad Pitt 

While preparing for his movie called Ocean’s Eleven, Brad Pitt got his head around casino gambling. And soon this became his passion. He loves to play a hand at blackjack and poker now and then. He is also seen to operate slot machines and he has won quite a fortune through his adventures in gambling. He had once stated that he loves the adrenaline rush that he gets from playing and he wishes to keep exploring the boundaries as long as possible.

Jennifer Tilly 

Jennifer Tilly is not a rockstar just on TV and stage but also in the gambling world. She is in the gambling industry for a long time. She is a semi-professional who participated in the World Series of Poker in the year 2005 and won the gold bracelet. She is also a participant in the Ladies No-Limit Hold’em competition.

There are other celebs like Paris Hilton, Derren Brown, 50 Cent, and others who are also into gambling. This proves that casinos have spread their wings of magic all around the world and people of all stature love to try their hands at some point or the other. If you too want to feel the adrenaline rush and enjoy the fruits of fortune, follow the footsteps of your favorite stars and begin playing.