Chelsea among transfer suitors for two left-backs including Europa League star


Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has aimed a dig at Leeds United’s playing style in the big games.

The former Red Devils midfielder was perhaps understandably frustrated after witnessing his old club being held to a 0-0 draw at Elland Road at the weekend.

This has surely seen Man Utd blow their last shot at the title, but Scholes aimed his frustrations at Leeds instead.

The pundit believes Bielsa, who is well respected in the game for his teams’ stylish attacking play, has actually made Leeds quite defensive and rigid in their shape, meaning their forward play is almost non-existent.

“Sometimes when you are playing in your own half, all the time, and not attacking then it can be easy to do that, just keep your shape and positions,” said Scholes.

“We did say, the last few weeks, against the good teams, they have defended very well, especially against Manchester City. But it takes away from the other end of the pitch. They aren’t really creating anywhere near as much.

“I know they did a few times against Liverpool last week but (v Manchester United), they have been non-existent upfront.

“This is a Leeds team that usually go for it. But, for some reason, they decided to defend and expected or wanted a point.”