Chelsea, Man Utd chiefs quit Premier League roles


Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City chiefs are among the big six executives who have been forced to quit their roles in the Premier League.

Following the recent failed European Super League breakaway, it seems the other 14 Premier League clubs have forced these chiefs out of their roles in advisory groups and committees, according to the Sun.

Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool, City, Arsenal and Tottenham all recently announced they’d be joining a new Super League alongside European giants Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan.

However, the proposed project proved hugely unpopular and quickly fell through, with the big six clubs announcing their U-turns just 48 hours later.

Still, it now seems the remaining sides in the English top flight have been keen to punish these clubs, and this looks like one of the first courses of action taken against them.

The report adds, however, that the big six plan to fight any charges against them in court.

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