Chika Says She’s Suicidal & Retiring From Music

Chika Says She's Suicidal & Retiring From Music

Send your prayers and love to Chika, who announced she’s retiring from music as she struggles with suicidal thoughts.

We’re sending love and light to Grammy-nominated rapper Chika, who revealed over the weekend that she struggles with suicidal thoughts following controversy on Twitter. On Sunday, the Alabama-based rising star announced that she’s retiring from music as a direct result of the constant scrutiny she has faced from bullies. Almost immediately, she was inundated with a flood of hateful messages, which she fought back against.

Posting a video where she speaks directly to the trolls, Chika said that she doesn’t care about her haters being suicidal. “I don’t give a f*ck about any one of you stans being suicidal, in fact, I hope you all are,” she said in a video. “Guess what? I am too, and have been and it has very little to do with you guys because nothing you do matters. Let me repeat that. Nothing you do matters. You’re nobody. The only thing you do is dog-pile on top of people’s other mental problems and make them worse. I came on here today and said I’m retiring because that’s where I’m at physically, mentally, and emotionally. And you stupid b*tches flooded my comments immediately, not knowing what I’m going through but you want me to give a good goddamn about you and your stupid-ass stan friends? No, you can kill yourself too. Let’s do it together, let’s make a suicide pact, you dumb f*cks.”

While Chika was understandably reactionary in her response to the bullying, she probably should have thought before posting this video. The response came following her initial post teasing her retirement, where she spoke about wishing death on those that have harassed her.

We’re praying for Chika and hope that she’s surrounded by people who love her at this time. Chika’s latest post was made a few days ago and she has not been active since then.