Chris Arnade Brother Death – Dead | Frank Obituary | Cause of Death

Bertha Leverton Death

Chris Arnade Brother passed away today, Friday, October 09, 2020.

Professional Information

Frank worked for a global shipping company (yes, the jokes we made), before returning to live in LA with his wife Elvie and their son Glenn, where he was proud to get one of the first licenses to grow marijuana.

Frank had a lot of experiences, jobs, earlier in life, before settling down, but I still think the most cinematic was as an accountant for a traveling circus in Venezuela in 84

He ended up having to run away from it at midnight after a clown tried to kill him. So there is that.

Surviving Families

He is survived by his wife and his kids.


He was brightest, as measured by shear CPU, of all 7 of us. As the youngest (me) of a large family you get to watch & learn from siblings & Frank taught me that being “bright” was a crutch you could easily use to live a shallow soulless life, but that you didn’t have to do that.

Sadly, my oldest brother Frank passed away today. For the few of you on here who know me from my Fl days, please let people in San Ann know. Details of a memorial will be posted in a week.

Cause of Death

Frank was 70, the oldest of the seven of us. He died after months of dealing with an infection gone septic.

Funeral Service & GoFundme

Funeral services will be made known as soon as it is being updated. Memorial donations may be made in Frank’s name through the GoFundme page.