Chris Dickey Death Dead – Chris Dickey Obituary: Cause of Death

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Chris Dickey Death Dead – Chris Dickey Obituary: Cause of Death

Chris, The Daily Beast’s foreign editor, died suddenly in Paris at the age of 68. He is survived by his beloved wife Carol, his son James, three grandchildren and his sister Bronwen and brother Kevin.

Sam Nunberg – A week before he died, Chris hosted a Zoom interview for Beast staff with Erin Banco, an amazing journalist whose own trajectory in foreign news is not so different from his own. Prior to being asked to interview Erin, he and I had discussed at length how great it was to have these off-the-record chats with peers, which I had just been part of as an interviewee. He had said he hoped not to be asked to talk, though, because no one would want to hear his old war stories. So when the editors wrote to ask him to interview Erin rather than be interviewed himself, he called me right away. “See, no one wants to hear old stories,” he said. I beg to differ

I messaged with him about an hour before he died suddenly in Paris Thursday night. He wrote back from his phone that he had “multiple distractions” and was “out on the street” but had managed to rearrange a few things on what will be the last of the thousands of pieces he has brilliantly edited, “to make it more clear.”

It is through tears that the entire Daily Beast team says good-bye to our friend and colleague who has enhanced all of our lives for the better. Chris, without you the world is a less curious, less brilliant, and poorer place. We will never forget you

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