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It is with great sorrow and pain that we announce that Christy Bilby, Albany Indiana has passed away, it was confirmed through what we saw on social media this morning.

Linda Crow wrote:
” It’s not always the case that the closer you work with people and the better you know them, the more you admire them, but that is exactly how I’ve always felt about Christy Connor Bilby.

Honestly, I don’t even know if I feel worthy to comment on her life, but I’m joining others here in these times when we probably won’t gather, to express my grief and appreciation for who she was and will always be to everyone who knew her.

I was privileged to work with Christy at Union Chapel for several years, and in all that time, I never heard her make a disparaging remark about a single person. Ever. The words I see repeated in tributes to her are “She was a light.” Truly, she brought an energy to the room unmatched by most. People were absolutely drawn to her.

She was a genuine person with a passion for her family, for teaching, and life in general. We talked about our love of running. I ran my first Indy Mini years ago on a rag tag team with her. (In the photo, George is standing next to her. She is in the green shirt.) I bought and wore the beautiful earrings she made. Each holiday we each posted and laughed about our legendary big, funny baking disasters. And to this day, when I cross out items on a list, I can see her unique way of doing that in staff meetings, which I often jokingly commented on. (Not content to checkmark or draw a line through, but scribbled what looked like spiraled barbed wire through as if to obliterate it 😂).

Christy loved to laugh, especially at herself, but was quick to tear up with compassion. What a generous person she was. I’m glad that she is in a place where there are no more tears. We are all one breath away from where she is and will see her soon, the light we’ve known and loved, Christy 💗.

God bless her whole family, husband, beloved boys, parents, in-laws. You are all loved!”.

Circumstances surrounding her death is yet to be revealed. We will update you as soon as we have more information about her death.

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