Clayton’s dramatic two-night ‘Bachelor’ finale begins tonight on ABC – What We Know!

NEW YORK — That is it! “The Bachelor” finale is tonight. It’s a two-night occasion that guarantees to be filled with drama.

We left off with the explosive Fantasy Date dinner between Susie and Clayton. They by no means made it to the Fantasy Suite portion of the date.

Clayton professed his love for Susie, however she wasn’t able to return the sentiment. She requested him if he had stated those self same phrases to any of the opposite girls.

Clayton revealed in truth, that sure, he had informed Rachel and Gabby that he loves them as nicely.

Susie pressed on, inquiring if “The Bachelor” had slept with both of the remaining girls and he once more, answered that sure, he had slept with each of them.

“You probably did say to discover the relationships…” Clayton stated. “To reply your query, sure, I did sleep with another person right here.”

Susie informed Clayton that she couldn’t see herself getting previous that scenario as a result of she envisioned her future fiancé not sleeping with one other lady proper earlier than proposing to her.

He tried to salvage the scenario by initially saying, “I’m essentially the most in love with you.”

However because the disagreement wore on, Clayton informed Susie that she “ruined all the things.” Susie apologized and appeared as if she would possibly need to speak issues out a bit extra, however Clayton referred to as the scenario “BS” and stated, “I’m executed, we’re executed.”

With that, Susie was whisked away in a limo.

Tonight, you will note the preview that has aired all season lengthy: Clayton will disclose to Susie and Gabby that he has informed all three girls that he beloved them, and that he slept with the 2 of them.

Devastation is certain to observe because the preview reveals each girls crying and attempting to grasp the place their relationship stands.

“The Bachelor” two-night finale begins tonight at 8 p.m. and continues on Tuesday from 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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