Cobra Kai Star Reveals if They Would Be Interested in a Potential Film


The cast of “Cobra Kai” attends the premiere screening of ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 2

As fans are aware, “Cobra Kai” continues the story of the “Karate Kid” film franchise. The show’s first season, which premiered in 2018, takes place 34 years after the 1984 All Valley Tournament, where Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) defeats his bully, Cobra Kai student Johnny Lawrence (William “Billy” Zabka). Even though over three decades have passed, Johnny and Daniel’s rivalry remains very much intact. In season 3, the martial artists do end up making an alliance and decide to co-teach their students to prepare for the upcoming All Valley.

Gianni DeCenzo Discussed if He Would Be Interested in a “Cobra Kai” Movie

Gianni DecenzoGianni Decenzo

GettyGianni Decenzo is photographed at The Paley Center for Media in 2019.

With the show being so successful, some fans may be curious if there will eventually be a “Cobra Kai” movie. While speaking to TV Insider in May, Gianni DeCenzo, who plays West Valley High School student Demetri, commented on the possibility of a feature-length film based on the series. While there does not seem to be any immediate plans, the 19-year-old expressed interest in playing Demetri in a movie.

“I’m not opposed to a movie. That would be very interesting,” stated the actor.

He then revealed what he desires for characters in the future seasons of “Cobra Kai.” He told the publication:

I just want to see the characters we have and new characters we welcome in each season evolve. I’d love to see them go to college and where they go in general. As far as Demetri goes, I want to see him grow into himself a little more. He is starting to become more confident in himself.

The Show’s Creators Had Envisioned “Cobra Kai” as a Movie

The creators share how they feel about the relationshipThe creators share how they feel about the relationship

GettyJosh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg attend the premiere screening of season 2

While DeCenzo did not mention this in the TV Line interview, the creators of “Cobra Kai,” Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg, had initially envisioned the series as a film. While speaking on the Paley Front Row panel, Hurwitz noted that he, Heald, and Schlossberg were all major fans of the “Karate Kid” films when they were growing up.

“As we became friends, we bonded over our love of this franchise and had been talking, uh, about it for a long time,” said the executive producer.

He then revealed when they were all starting their careers as screenwriters “in [their] early 20s,” they began to discuss “how interesting it would be to kind of jump back into the ‘Karate Kid’ universe.” They were specifically interested in making a film that focused on Johnny’s “point of view.” He stated that while at first, they “were talking about it as a movie,” the writers began to visualize their project as a series when “streaming television came along.”

“You started to see these, uh, opportunities to tell long form stories where we thought, you know, wouldn’t it be great if we found a whole new generation of, you know, teenagers, explored their stories and the challenges going through their lives and have, you know, Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence and, you know, eventually Sensei John Kreese [played by Martin Kove], you know, mixing it up with this whole new generation and uh, dealing with their present day issues, exploring their pasts and passing along their karate knowledge,” explained the writer.

The upcoming fourth season of “Cobra Kai” is expected to be released on Netflix later this year.

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