Cobra Kai Will Have New Stunt Coordinators in Season 4

Cobra Kai Will Have New Stunt Coordinators in Season 4


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Since the premiere of Cobra Kai Season 3, fans of the Karate Kid franchise have been looking forward to the show’s fourth season, which is currently in production.  However, viewers may want to prepare themselves for some changes. 

The Show’s Stunt Coordinators Have Been Replaced for the Upcoming Season

Cobra Kai Stunt PeopleCobra Kai Stunt People

Projection PRHiro Koda and Jahnel Curfman pose with the ‘Cobra Kai’ cast and their stunt doubles.

According to Screen Rant, Cobra Kai’s “longtime stunt coordinators, Hiro Koda and Jahnel Curfman, are no longer involved” with the series, meaning the show’s martial arts choreography may not look the same in the upcoming season.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the married couple discussed working as stunt coordinators for the acclaimed series. Curfman noted that she and Koda “are no longer a part of the show” and disclosed that the decision was unexpected. 

“Well, it was not our decision. It came as quite a shock, actually,” said the stunt coordinator. 

Koda went on to say that he and his wife had been “prepping” for the fourth season. Curfman then revealed that they were informed that the show’s higher-ups “decided to go a different direction.”

Entertainment Weekly reported that an insider stated Curfman and Koda were not brought back on for Season 4 because of “a scheduling issue with production.”

Curfman & Koda Recently Discussed Making Sure the Characters Have Consistent Fighting Styles

Projection PRMary Mouser and Peyton List pose with their stunt doubles.

As fans of Cobra Kai are aware, the show is known for its incredible fight scenes. These sequences are particularly impressive, as Curfman and Koda made sure that the characters’ have consistent fighting styles. During an exclusive interview with Heavy in March, the stunt coordinators discussed the fact that the show’s choreography is detail-oriented. 

‘[W]e’ve kept Daniel LaRusso, Ralph Macchio’s character, Johnny Lawrence, Billy Zabka, we kept their styles exactly pretty much the way they were way back when we did The Karate Kid. Their flavor and their feeling stay the same,” explained Koda. 

He then noted that the younger characters have more modern fighting styles. 

“With the kids, when we introduced them on the show, we were able to — let’s go forward, how much martial arts progressed and moved forward, and that’s where some changes with the kids — that still have their flavors in their stuff as well,” said Koda.

During the interview, Curfman also noted that the cast had “been training solely with Hiro and [her] for three seasons.” For this reason, the stunt coordinators could see “them progress through the years” and get an understanding of what “they are capable of doing more and more on their own.” With this information, Curfman and Koda were able to choreograph scenes that “really showcase[d] their unique strengths and talents.”

“It’s — it’s really cool to take those things and say, ‘okay Jacob Bertrand [who plays Hawk] does this really well, or Xolo [Maridueña who plays Miguel Diaz] does this really well, how could we tweak it so that it’s safe and makes them look really good,” explained Curfman. 

Curfman also mentioned that she and Koda were close to Cobra Kai’s cast, stating:

[W]ith every season that Cobra Kai ends, it’s like I’m going to miss them all so much. It’s like when school ends, and you’re off for summer vacation and then, you know, you hope and pray that you’ll be back for another season. But everybody has been so wonderful, and the cast is amazing.

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