Conor McGregor Returns ‘It’s Not Going to Be Fun,’ His Coach Says


Conor McGregor Returns ‘It’s Not Going to Be Fun,’ His Coach Says – On January 23, 2021, Irish whiz Conor McGregor will make his profoundly foreseen re-visitation of the Octagon when he takes on No. 2 positioned lightweight Dustin Poirier at UFC 257.

The session will stamp the No. 5 positioned lightweight’s first excursion down to the UFC’s 155-pound division since battling Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 in October 2018. From that point forward, McGregor has discernibly put on more bulk and his lone session after the UFC 229 session was against Donald Cerrone at 170 pounds in January of this current year.

For quite a long time, McGregor slice down to the featherweight division, 10 pounds not exactly the lightweight division. What’s more, despite the fact that he’s positive about “Famous'” capacity to make weight, the Irishman’s lead trainer John Kavanagh said chopping down to lightweight “won’t be entertaining.”

“It won’t be fun, let’s face it,” Kavanagh said in a new meeting with The Mac Life. “He’s not going down to the 145 days, so an entire 10 pounds on top of those days were unpleasant and he never missed one. This one, he’s adopting a more drawn out strategy to it instead of keeping the weight comparative and afterward a serious drop over the most recent couple of days. He’s sort of sloping it down. The folks are truly what’s more. They have a few markers he must hit. He in reality hit one, so he’s accomplishing the sort of progressive advance down, which I believe will suit him better, as opposed to a truly serious one.”

“He will probably be very dynamic in 2021, so there is no reason for yo-yoing the eating regimen, cut it down reasonably,” he proceeded. “In any case, he is looking fabulous right now and Conor loves a mirror, so save that jacked appearance for as far as might be feasible (snickers).”

On January 23, McGregor would like to reinsert his name at the highest point of the lightweight division. Kavanagh separated McGregor’s preparation so far and his musings on the division scene. Watch the full meeting beneath:

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