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Contraception or Start Management is a technique for stopping being pregnant. The one foolproof technique to stop being pregnant is abstinence, that’s, not have intercourse. If one is sexually energetic, then adopting contraception strategies is the easiest way to keep away from being pregnant.Nonetheless, every of those strategies has its personal set of professionals and cons. The essential elements that assist in figuring out essentially the most appropriate contraception technique embrace one’s life-style, private preferences, well being standing, and extra.

Contraceptive Strategies

Contraception strategies are of the next six varieties:

  1. Hormonal strategies: These embrace contraception tablets, photographs, pores and skin patch, vaginal rings, and implants.
  2. Intrauterine Units (IUDs): When inserted into the uterus, IUDs assist forestall being pregnant and are of two varieties – copper IUD and hormonal IUD.
  3. Barrier Strategies: Condoms, diaphragms, and sponges, are the commonest barrier strategies for prevention of being pregnant in addition to safety from STD (Sexually Transmitted Illnesses).
  4. Pure Strategies: Often known as Fertility Consciousness, this technique entails skipping intercourse or utilizing a barrier technique through the ‘fertile days’ of the lady. The frequent forms of pure household planning embrace Calendar Rhythm Methodology, Measuring Basal Physique Temperature, Mucus Inspection Methodology, Symptothermal Methodology, Withdrawal Methodology, and extra. Most of these pure household planning strategies help in stopping being pregnant.
  5. Everlasting Start Management: Often known as Sterilization, this technique is apt for {couples} who are not looking for any youngsters. By present process a Vasectomy, a person, and with a Tubal Ligation, a lady can undertake this everlasting technique of contraception.
  6. Emergency Contraception: This technique is a backup technique if a condom breaks or the couple has forgotten to make use of a contraception technique.

Effectiveness of Contraception Strategies

The effectiveness of contraception strategies relies on the stage of adoption of those strategies. The frequent levels embrace:

  1. Previous to Intercourse: Hormonal strategies and IUDs are efficient, Barrier strategies are reasonably efficient, and Pure strategies are much less efficient earlier than intercourse. These strategies are apt for {couples} who want to have youngsters sooner or later.
  2. Put up Intercourse: Emergency Contraception helps forestall being pregnant after an unprotected intercourse.
  3. Everlasting Options: For many who have already got youngsters or aren’t planning to have them sooner or later can undertake Everlasting Start Management Strategies.
  4. Put up Delivering a Child: The very best contraception strategies for a lady who has simply delivered a child embrace IUDs, condoms, and Progestin-only Contraceptives (POP). These don’t have an effect on the amount or high quality of breast milk.
  5. Time Interval between Two Youngsters: After the start of 1 youngster and earlier than planning the second, a pair can undertake Pure strategies like Withdrawal or Fertility Consciousness along with Barrier strategies.
  6. After an Abortion: Hormonal strategies like Start Management Capsules, Contraceptive Patches, or Vaginal Rings are apt for girls who’ve lately aborted however want to have a toddler sooner or later.
  7. On the Time of Menopause: Low-dose Contraceptives are apt for girls approaching menopause. These tablets assist to cope with menopausal signs, reminiscent of, scorching flashes and vaginal dryness.

The relation between the Age of a Individual and Selection of Start Management Strategies

Contraception strategies are equally efficient for individuals of all ages. Nonetheless, medical practitioners don’t suggest some strategies for sexually energetic youngsters or girls over 35 who smoke. For instance, it’s advisable for girls above 35 who smoke to cease utilizing contraception tablets (apart from the Progestin-only Tablet) and as a substitute undertake an IUD.

Well being Elements That Restrict the Selection of Start Management Strategies

It’s best to seek the advice of a medical practitioner earlier than adopting any of the contraception strategies. A few of these strategies might not go well with individuals with sure well being issues. For instance, mixed Hormonal strategies aren’t appropriate for chain people who smoke, individuals with Excessive Blood Strain, superior Diabetes, Migraine, historical past of Stroke, Blood Clots, Liver Illness, Coronary heart Illnesses, and extra.

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