Cory Wharton: Fessy Shafaat ‘Coming in Worse’ Next Season


The Challenge’s Cory and Fessy

The Challenge: Double Agents reunion recently aired and a lot of stars aired their grievances toward Fessy Shafaat, who made some bold moves throughout the season. Fessy took some heat for a lot of his actions, with one of the most dramatic moments coming when he volunteered to go into elimination against his ally Nelson Thomas.

Nelson’s close friend and another ally of Fessy’s, Cory Wharton, recently said that he believes Fessy will be coming to the next season “worse” and he could work to humble himself. During the second half of the Double Agents reunion, Cory said the situation between the two showed how loyal Nelson is and that they “held Fessy to the same standard” but they shouldn’t have done so. “Some people just aren’t cut like that,” he said.

Cory also called out Fessy for saying no one can beat him in a physical elimination on his Instagram. “If you were to be a little bit humble bro, if there’s one thing that I could teach you, if there’s one thing you’ll take away from me, it’s just, if you had a little bit more of that humble pie… I think it’s gonna better you in the long run.”

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Cory Said He Thinks Fessy Will Be ‘Coming in Worse’ on His Next Season

Cory also addressed Fessy’s Double Agents moves on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast with cohosts Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira after the second episode of the reunion aired. He said he believes that Fessy needs to work to become more humble and that there are a lot of aspects to The Challenge that the Big Brother alum could improve on before he can become a champion, including working as a team and communication skills.

Tori asked Cory if he thought that Fessy would come into the next season improved and overall “better,” to which Cory replied:

No, he’s coming in worse. We’ll see. Hopefully, it’s a format where he can showcase that. Something that we did learn is that a lot of his partners said that he wasn’t the greatest to work with. If there’s one thing that I would tell him, it’s like, ‘Hey, you gotta start becoming a better teammate, because this isn’t always an ‘I’ game.

Cory & Fessy Appeared to Work Together on ‘Double Agents’ Despite Fessy Sending Nelson Home in Brutal Fashion

Although it appeared as though Fessy, Cory and Nelson became good friends on The Challenge: Total Madness, Fessy revealed that he and Nelson weren’t as close as fans thought going into the 36th season of the show.

In an appearance on Challenge Mania, Fessy said the two had a falling out in the summer of 2020 after Nelson approached him with a business proposition that ultimately fell through. The two didn’t speak all summer until just before they flew to Iceland for Double Agents when Nelson called Fessy to make sure they’d be “good” on the season.

In the fourth episode of Double Agents, Fessy shocked fans and cast members alike when he volunteered to go into elimination against Nelson and eliminated him brutally. It appeared as though his move would cause a rift between him and Cory, Nelson’s close friend on and off the show, but as both remained on the show until the final, it looked as though they began working together again.

After Nelson’s elimination, Fessy revealed in an Instagram Q&A that he regretted the game move and apologized to Nelson. He said the move was “selfish” and was due to him occasionally taking “winning too seriously.” He acknowledged that the two had agreed to look out for each other despite their fallout and wrote, “I am sorry I did what I did. If I could take it back I would. The game got the best of me.”

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