Cory Wharton Says He’s ‘Always Depressed’ on The Challenge

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The Challenge: Double Agents final

Many cast members have spoken up about Double Agents being an incredibly difficult season, but eight-time Challenge star Cory Wharton recently said he’s always depressed when appearing on the show since his very first season, Battle of the Bloodlines.

Cory made the comments on last week’s episode of MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast when he revealed that he had actually thought about quitting the franchise after just his first season on the show. He told cohosts Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal that he’s really hoping to get his first Challenge win soon and Aneesa replied, “It’s crazy, that’s coming from someone who said he’d never do a show again after the first one.”

She said on Cory’s first show he told her, “‘I hate this, I’m never doing this again,’ I sat there and he was in bed like ‘Yo, this ain’t for me, I miss my family.’” Cory agreed that he hated it and it wasn’t like he thought it would be.

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Cory Said He Was Able to Enjoy ‘Double Agents’ More by Focusing on the Experiences Rather Than Feeling Like He Usually Does

Cory acknowledged that he had those moments on the first season he did but added, “At this point in my career, so after Double Agents that was my eighth season, I have finally started to learn to enjoy the show and enjoy myself while I’m there.”

The revelation may come as a shock to fans who have seen Cory on their screens for multiple seasons now and the competitor always seems to be having a great time with his friends on the show. However, Cory said despite being able to enjoy himself more on Double Agents, he was still “depressed.”

He explained, “Don’t get me wrong, the game is more cutthroat now than ever before and I felt that last season, I was depressed just like always, but I’m really trying to just enjoy the experience and enjoy the memories that I’m gonna have.”

Cory Recently Said He Wants to Continue Competing for as Long as Possible With Some Breaks for His Family

Despite that revelation, Cory said he has no interest in retiring from The Challenge and said if he could still compete at 40 like Darrell Taylor then he’d love to still return for the show. He said “I love doing the show, I love doing the seasons, it’s always fun,” he explained. “I would never take back my experience that I have on The Challenge.”

Cory said his only real goal is to get his first Challenge win because apart from that, there isn’t much left for him to accomplish, having already made four finals in eight seasons. He said, “The Challenge is a great opportunity, it’s my favorite show that I’ve been a part of, and I love going on the show. Until they wanna stop having me, I’m gonna keep coming.”

The Teen Mom star did explain that he’d likely take some time off between seasons because he wants to spend more time with his two daughters, 4-year-old Ryder and 1-year-old Mila. He said, “Something that I realized is that money can’t buy time with your kids. Like when I came home [from Double Agents], Mila it took her couple months to fully respond to me the way that I wanted her to respond to me, cause we were gone for so long. It kinda messed me up a little bit.”

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