Cowboys Rumors: Kyle Pitts Breaks Silence on Draft Rumors

Cowboys Rumors: Kyle Pitts Breaks Silence on Draft Rumors
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Jerry Jones wants to give Dak Prescott one more weapon.

Top NFL draft prospect Kyle Pitts has heard the rumors that the Dallas Cowboys are interested in adding him to their roster, and he approves of this idea. During an interview on The Rich Eisen Show, Pitts admitted he has heard about the Cowboys’ interest and called potentially landing in Dallas a “great thing.”

When Eisen asked Pitts if he had spoken with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the tight end responded with a “yes sir” but did not elaborate on their conversation. Pitts’ comments come just a few days after ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Jones was “infatuated” with Pitts. The future NFL tight end noted he is flattered that Jones thinks so highly of his talent.

“Yes, I have spoken to the Cowboys,” Pitts responded. “…I’d rather not read the press clippings I feel [it’s] like coach Nick Saban said it’s rat poison. Until the day comes, I won’t worry about that. Someone did call me and tell me about that [Jerry Jones’ interest]. It’s kind of an honor for him to say that. Dallas is a great team, and if I had the opportunity to play for them it would be a great thing.

The Cowboys Selecting Kyle Pitts Could be Payback for the Eagles Drafting Dallas Goedert

There is just one problem for Cowboys fans, and that is Pitts’ family members are all Eagles supporters. It does present an interesting opportunity for the Cowboys given the Eagles snagged tight end Dallas Goedert a few picks before the team selected in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft. Goedert’s parents were massive Cowboys fans and named their son after the team only to see him drafted by the enemy.

The Cowboys could return the favor by snagging Pitts before the Eagles select with the No. 12 pick. Pitts admitted he would have to do some convincing to convert his family to become Cowboys fans.

“That’s kind of, I would say, the oxymoron, me growing up an Eagles fan and then having the opportunity to play for the Cowboys,” Pitts added, per 105.3 The Fan. “So that would be a hard time getting some of my family jerseys because they’re die-hard Eagles fans. That would be something funny.”

Pitts Has Been Described as the ‘LeBron James of Tight End Prospects’

Mortensen’s comments about the Cowboys’ potential pursuit of Pitts sent Dallas fans into a frenzy. The Cowboys have obvious needs on defense and would likely need to trade up to be able to land Pitts. ESPN’s Matt Miller believes the Cowboys would have to trade up to No. 6, maybe even higher, to have a chance at selecting the tight end. Miller described Pitts as the “LeBron James of tight end prospects.”

“I can’t see him getting past No. 6 overall,” Miller said on Get Up. “What’s funny about this is about a week ago you started hearing from scouts that, ‘Hey, Dallas loves Kyle Pitts.’ It’s like, okay, that’s cute, he’s not going to be there at No. 10 and then you have Schefty [Adam Schefter] and Mort [Chris Mortensen] reporting things like ‘You know, Atlanta would be open to trading that No. 4 pick.’ And you can pretty easily put the dots together of Atlanta basically saying, ‘Oh, you want Kyle Pitts. Come and get him.’”