Curt Woodin Death Dead – Wildcat Basketball Player Curt Woodin Obituary: Cause of Death

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Curt Woodin death has been confirmed, in the early hours of June 30, 2020, Kelly Taco Hakes posted on Facebook, where he mentioned the names of his friends who has passed away.

He said ” They say these things come in 3’s. Tonight I am feeling the sadness of the last few weeks.

On June 9th my friend Tracy passed away. I loved her so much. She was kind, passionate, and lived her life to the fullest. She taught me so much over the last few years about doing what makes you happy. We attended many Hawkeye games together and the last two years she and Rod joined us in Mexico. I know she loved me because she told me! I will miss her so much!

On June 20th my friend Jenifer Bloes Wolfe passed away. We met each other when she would visit Laurens in the summers as kids.. We ran into each a few times in Iowa City and I enjoyed seeing her. I was reminded last night she attended Yvonne and I’s wedding. I have not seen her for a few years, but I know she was a very successful pediatric dentist and was well loved in her community.

Yesterday my friend Curt Woodin passed away. He was a great athlete and growing up no matter what game you were playing you picked him first. We lost track of each other for a number of years, but reconnected through Facebook. A few years ago we spent some time together at the B1G baseball tournament in Omaha. We picked up like we were in junior high and I was able to meet his daughter. I am so grateful for that afternoon.

I guess what I learned these last few weeks is to cherish the time we have with friends and family. Always take the trip, weather it be a great getaway or a quick road trip to see a friend. Always say, I love you, even when its awkward. (especially if it’s awkward)”

Curt Woodin was said to have passed away in his sleep.

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