Dana White Questions Superstar’s Future: ‘I Don’t Think So’


Dana White doesn’t expect Jon Jones to fight for the heavyweight title.

UFC president Dana White seems to be getting sick and tired of people asking him the same questions about UFC superstar Jon Jones wanting to move up to the heavyweight ranks. White was again asked about Jones potentially facing UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou next, and the UFC boss responded by saying he doesn’t actually expect Jones to ever fight for Ngannou’s title.

“He’s been talking about it a long time, but I don’t think so,” White told MMA Crazy. “Derrick Lewis will have that fight before Jon Jones does, if Jon Jones ever does.”

You can watch that interview below. The look on White’s face when Jones is brought up tells a story all by itself.

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Jones Seemed On Way To Title Shot Until UFC 260

Jones vacated his UFC light heavyweight championship last year and announced he wanted to move up to the heavyweight ranks.

Things seemed to be heading in that direction. Earlier this year, White was indicating Jones would be facing the winner of UFC 260: Miocic vs. Ngannou 2 right up until the point that Ngannou won the belt on March 27.

At the UFC 260 post-fight press conference, White immediately changed his tune. Suddenly, White was making claims that Lewis deserved the fight and would be the next challenge for Ngannou.

But things get worse.

Just last week, White said former champ Miocic would get the next crack after that. It means Jones isn’t in the UFC’s plans at all right now and that White doesn’t even seem all that interested in putting them into them.

Jones Keeps Teasing Move Up Ranks Anyway

Despite all that, Jones keeps appearing like he’s on the way to his desired fight. He made several major moves over the last few months that point in that direction.

For example, he’s added tons of weight and continues to transform his body from long and lean to bulky and mean.

Additionally, Jones parted ways with his longtime management team. Presumedly, that move is an effort to allow other parties into the room for negotiations to help make his desired UFC superfight dreams come true.

Jones Willing To Wait for Superfight

Jones seems to be sticking to his guns over how much money he believes he should be paid to face Ngannou. White doesn’t seem to want to pay that amount, whatever it is, and Jones is content to wait for him to agree to it.

During a recent chat with his fans on Twitter, Jones revealed he had no timetable for his move up to the heavyweight ranks. He posted, “I’m really not sure when I’ll be fighting next, but some downtime after a decade of wins is a nice little change up right now.”

Jones said he isn’t worried about his legacy. He’s the most decorated UFC light heavyweight champion in history, and many pundits consider him the best MMA fighter from any weight class and any organization ever, too.

He posted, “Impossible, my name will ring bells in the combat sports world until the day I die and after. My first fight back is going to be huge no matter when it is”.

So Jones is resting on those laurels, and he remains confident his strategy will pay off in the long term.

He posted, “Honestly I’m a blessed individual. My whole story is in God’s hands, I believe there’s huge things in my future. Things don’t always happen when we want them to”.

Besides, Jones believes he’s playing with house money at this point in his career anyway. He said, “Sometimes I feel like my life is one big bonus, never imagine I would be in this position in life. I’m grateful even when things don’t go my way”.

The waiting game continues between White and Jones.

According to his latest interview, White doesn’t believe Jones will ever fight for UFC gold in the heavyweight division.

But Jones stills seems to believe it will happen and that all he needs to do right now is wait for the door to open.

What happens in the end is anybody’s guess.

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