Dani Ceballos penalty decision Arsenal vs Everton


The protests tonight have demonstrated that the Arsenal fans would love to see Stan Kroenke exit the club, but there’s always the problem of finding someone who would be willing to buy him out.

Ultimately the preferred outcome would be some kind of fan-ownership but that may not be possible, but you would want to see someone with an actual interest in the club taking over.

You have to think that the events of this week will prevent anyone only coming into the club because they want to make money from it, and this is an interesting tweet from the founder of Spotify:

It’s never a good idea to get bogged down in net worth as there’s never any guarantee that an owner wants to spend their own money, but Forbes lists him as being worth around $4.7B so he’s clearly got the funds to do this, and the general reaction on Twitter does look positive.

One to watch perhaps, especially as he’s mentioned that he was some kind of Arsenal supporter as a kid.