David Webb Death Dead – David Webb Obituary: Cause of Death

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David Webb Death Dead – David Webb Obituary: Cause of Death

David Webb has passed away, this was made known by his son Joanne Webb who wrote:

Hi there, my names Joanne Webb my father David Webb passed away on the 6th June. He was 73 and died due to having a massive heart attack in the early hours of the morning. Let me tell you why I am asking for help. I have 2 older siblings, Mark, my brother had a brain Tumour last year on his pituitary gland, the operation caused him to lose his eyesight entirely in one eye and almost all his eyesight in the other, he was a director of a successful business but now can only work just 3 days a week to support his family (wife and 4 children). My sister Louise is a cleaner with a husband and 3 children and I am a single mum who works 16 hours a week to support my 10 year old son. When my father passed away he didn’t have anything, there was no life insurance and just £6.80 in a money bag. The cost of his funeral on the 18th June has fallen in my brothers hands and I’m pleading for help to just help my brother out as its an expense none of us could afford. If you can help then thank you. If not thank you for reading. With love Jo.

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