Derrick Kosinski Speaks on Rivalry With Nehemiah Clark

Derrick Kosinski Speaks on Rivalry With Nehemiah Clark


Derrick Kosinski

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for the fifth episode of The Challenge: All Stars, which dropped on Paramount Plus on April 29.

The fifth episode of The Challenge: All Stars saw Syrus Yarbrough lose the daily challenge, the mini-final, and was sent straight into elimination. At the nomination, cast members voted for the male cast member they wanted to send into the Arena to face Syrus and the majority ended up voting in Alton Williams.

During the nomination process, however, it seemed as though two other competitors had their own rivalry going on as Nehemiah Clark and Derrick Kosinski voted for each other, with Derrick telling Nehemiah “go f*** yourself” and Nehemiah flipping off his costar in response. Fans watching the show wondered whether they were playing up their burn votes for each other or if there was something deeper under the surface.

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Derrick Said He Thinks Nehemiah Was Trying to ‘Play With the Big Boys’

On The Challenge Aftermath, Derrick was asked about the situation and he said he didn’t think anyone going into elimination against Syrus was a big deal because of Syrus’ ankle injury. He added, “Me and Nehemiah we kind of took shots at each other and there was this ongoing strange rivalry with me and him where he was kind of poking at me and I was kind of entertained by it.”

Host Devyn Simone pressed Derrick about Nehemiah, asking if he was Derrick’s “secret arch-nemesis” or “secret crush” or another dynamic. Derrick replied, “I think he’s trying to step up and play with the big boys a little bit and kind of make a name for himself out there. And maybe poking at me, something will occur.” Aneesa Ferreira explained that she thought Nehemiah’s game plan was to get Derrick out since he would be the hardest to beat in a final.

Nehemiah Replied to a Clip of the Aftermath Video & Denied Derrick’s Claims About Their Rivalry

In response to a Challenge fan account sharing clips of the deliberation and Derrick addressing their rivalry on The Challenge Aftermath, the Real World: Austin star wrote a lengthy comment claiming that Derrick “literally started our ‘rivalry’.” Nehemiah said it wasn’t at all about him “trying to ‘play’ with the big dogs.”

Nehemiah claimed that Derrick was continuously sizing him up and making comments to him such as, “‘you had your shine, now you need to leave it up to the big dogs’.” Nehemiah continued, writing that Derrick wasn’t someone he was ever targeting in the game. “I didn’t back down from Derek when he tried to come at me multiple times, asking me how much I weigh, and things like that,” Nehemiah wrote.

I don’t play this game to try and ‘make a name for myself’ I play this game to become a better version of myself. My version of playing with the big dogs is doing well in challenges and playing with integrity, not just trying to start issues for no reason with players who consider themselves big dogs.

The Real World: Austin star concluded his comment by clarifying that he loves Derrick as well as all his other cast members who “shared this experience” with him.

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