Diabetes: The ‘key’ to managing blood sugar levels to prevent health complications – diet – What We Know!

You is likely to be prone to hypos – low blood sugar ranges – thus it’s essential to examine your blood sugar ranges usually and converse to your healthcare workforce earlier than beginning a low-carbohydrate food plan.

Counting carbohydrates

There are several types of carbohydrates; the three foremost carbohydrate teams being:

  • Quick-acting carbohydrates
  • Medium-acting carbohydrates
  • Sluggish-acting carbohydrates.

Sluggish-acting carbohydrates are helpful as they’re absorbed very slowly, which means your blood sugar ranges are much less more likely to spike.

Examples of slow-acting carbohydrates embrace: peas, lentils, beans, squash, sweetcorn, nuts, tofu, and parsnips.

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