Did Author Christine Haidegger Pass Away? What Happened?

Did Author Christine Haidegger Pass Away? What Happened?

It’s with the most profound sorrow to inform you of the Austrian writer’s passing on December 5, 2021. Stay a little longer to learn more about the author and the details that have been shared due to Christine Haidegger’s cause of unexpected death.

The author was born on 27 February 1942. She was born in Dortmund, Germany, although she lived in Salzburg since the mid-1950s. After several stays in France, Italy, and England, she lived in Salzburg since 1962.

As it is shared, she worked intensively on the literary scene while living in Salzburg. She founded the Salzburg Authors’ Group (SAG) and then played a key role in building up the Salzburg Literature House, besides other things.

She got married to Eberhard Haidegger. In 1965, she gave birth to the daughter Christina-Maria, who also worked as a writer under the name “Meta Merz” (Rauris sponsorship award, state scholarship).

The writer’s book called memoir Mama Dear was translated into English. According to some sources, she was considered as the Honorary Member of the Salzburg authors’ group, of which she was the founder and chairwoman for many years.

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Christine Haidegger’s Cause of Death is Behind Shadows

As it’s reported, Christine Haidegger’s cause of death is yet untold, although the incident occurred on Sunday, December 5th, 2021, at the age of 79.

Writes Gerhard Ruiss from IG Authors about the deceased, referred to her as a tireless representative of the concerns and interests of authors and literature.

It is stated: “We owe a tremendous amount to Christine Haidegger. She discovered numerous authors who are very well known today, remembers Ruiss.”

We learned the tragic news from some tweets, as DER STANDARD announced: “Author Christine Haidegger has passed away.” May she rest easy in grace and love. Please leave your comments below to get her beloveds through such difficult times.

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