Did Henry Tell Lucas ‘You’re My Son?’ on WCTH?

Did Henry Tell Lucas ‘You’re My Son?’ on WCTH?

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Lucas and Henry are seen together on a WCTH episode.

After the most recent “When Calls the Heart” episode on The Hallmark Channel, a lot of fans have been asking exactly what Henry told Lucas when they talked outside during the bachelor/bachelorette party. Some fans even think Henry told Lucas that he was his son! That’s not what he said, however. Here’s a look at what Henry said, along with a comment from the creator of the series about the misunderstanding.

Closed Captioning Revealed Henry Told Lucas, ‘You Hired My Son’

Closed captioning revealed exactly what Henry said to Lucas during their scene outside in Season 8 Episode 9.

Henry says, “You contacted Christopher?”

Lucas responds, “I found a slip of paper with his name and his address on it.”

Henry responds: “Lucas, I don’t even know what to say. You hired my son to…”

Lucas interrupts him, saying, “You took advantage of me Henry.”

We learned that Lucas hired Henry’s son, Christopher, to keep an eye on Henry after Henry had acted so sketchy about the books and refused to hand them over for a long time. Lucas now regrets his actions, but Henry will likely stay mad at him for a long time.

However, at no point in their conversation did Henry tell Lucas that Lucas was his son. Quite a few Hallmark viewers, however, misunderstood the conversation and thought that was what Henry said.

Some fans have also pointed out that they think some dialogue between Henry and Lucas might have been cut, since the two had a calm demeanor when leaving to go outside, and were already angry when the scene returned to them.

WCTH Creator Suggested Fans Turn Up the Volume in Scenes Like This

Brian Bird, creator of “When Calls the Heart,” commented on the confusion on Twitter. Janette Stephens wrote: “Apparently. There’s been some confusion about what was said in the scene with Lucas the street. #Hearties.”

Bird replied: “Yes, some confusion in what people HEARD, but not in what the characters SAID. So the lesson is clear… in whatever ways you use volume control, #Hearties, crank it up a little!”

Other fans replied that they also use closed captioning so they don’t miss a thing.

Some fans are turning the rumor about Lucas being Henry’s son (which isn’t true) into memes and funny tweets. The tweet below was the tweet that Bird’s reply was original responding to.

Bird Said Fans Love the Show More than Ever

While some fans have been angry about the show, along with Elizabeth’s choices regarding Lucas and Nathan, Bird has responded and said that most fans are loving the show’s current direction.

During Season 8 Episode 7, one fan wrote on Twitter: “A majority of #Hearties feel the show has been ruined this season. You would think that the writers and producers would want to hear how we truly feel. Stop trying to silence us and LISTEN to how the viewers feel. Stop degrading us. Without us you don’t have a show.”

Bird replied: “No one’s degrading or silencing anyone & we listen to our fans more than any other TV show. Truth is, you just don’t like the choices, which is your right. But unless your polling service is better than mine, I guarantee MOST #Hearties love the show more than ever right now.”

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