Do Cats Really Eat Their Owners If They Die? – What We Know!

Do Cats Really Eat Their Owners If They Die?

Have you ever ever heard of the phenomenon of cats consuming their deceased homeowners? Come to seek out out, it won’t be a mere city legend. Based on Senior Cat Wellness, it isn’t unprecedented for a feline to (fancy) feast upon the flesh of their deceased grasp in the event that they don’t need to starve. In any case, the kitty meals is probably going locked away in a cabinet that Whiskers can’t entry with out an opposable thumb on his little paws, so what selection does he have?

Cats are carnivores by nature. They love all issues meaty: fish, beef, hen, and the remainder. Human beings, like all different mammals, have thick meat on their bones that would make for a succulent meal for a ravenous kitty who has nothing else on the menu to select from besides your corpse. Having mentioned that, cats aren’t inherently predisposed to eat people, so the occasion by which one may resort to doing so is a uncommon prevalence (per Senior Cat Wellness).