Dom Lagana Car Accident | Dom Lagana in Serious Condition After Accident

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Dom Lagana Car Accident | Friends and Family, including Loved ones has reacted to the recent accident of Dom Lagana.

Dom’s older brother, Bobby Lagana Jr., issued the following statement: “We would all like to take a moment to say thank you to all of Dom’s amazing supporters. Growing up in a drag racing family has always showed us there is no stronger bond than family and friends who share this love for our sport.

That sentiment has been proven time and time again, we are now seeing this bond with all of your support for Dom. Dom is an amazing, giving, selfless person. We all have faith he will make it through this and will continue to show the world how amazing of a person he is. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Love you all and God Bless.”

According to his GoFundMe Page;

The Lagana’s & Crampton’s are going to be mad that I am doing this but too many people are reaching out asking how they can help. Dom & Richie are two of the most caring and amazing people in the world and would do anything for anyone. Now it’s our turn to help them. If you want to donate, this money will go to their hospital bills & whatever else is needed for them and their families. I am in no way asking for your help but again, too many people have reached out asking where they can donate.

Lets pray they both recover & get well soon.

-Gary Pritchett