Donald Trump Briefing On The Wearing Of Face mask

The president of the United States, Donald Trump in a recent coronavirus briefing has urged the public to make use of nose masks in the prevention of the coronavirus infectious disease. He urged Americans to adhere to this most especially when they cannot maintain a social distancing.

In a relatively dull atmosphere, compared to his previous briefing at the white house, Mr. Donald warned strictly that the cases of coronavirus in the state may likely “ get worse before it gets better”.

In his first briefing at the White House regarding the virus, he stated that some areas of our country are doing well. Others are not doing so well, and hence it may, unfortunately, get worse before it gets better.

The president, Mr. Donald Trump has pleaded with Americans to always put on their face masks to help curtail and prevent the spread of this deadly virus that has killed more than 140,000 people in the United State.

In his speech, he said, “We are asking everyone that when you are not able to observe a social distance, put on your nose mask, whether you like the mask or not wear it, they have their protection and we need everything we can get.”

His administration has advised Americans to put on nose masks when they cannot observe social distancing since April.

But on the other hand, Mr. Donald Trump has long refused to put it on in the public and seldomly issued forceful calls for Americans to observe that step during this pandemic ravaging the world.

Changes have been noticed in recent days as Mr. Trump begins to wear a mask in public and on Monday he made a tweet saying “ it was the patriotic thing to do.”

His stance is being threatened by the incessant increase of this virus in America as the number of cases of COVID – 19  each day is more than before.

In his speech he said; “we are pleading with our young Americans to avoid packed bars’ ‘ speaking to caution young ages of the twenties and thirties who spread the virus without showing any symptoms.

Remembering does that have died to the tragedy of this disease he stated “As one family we mourn the life that has been lost and I pledge in their honor that we will develop a vaccine to stop this evil bedeviling us“.