Double Agents Cast Reacts to 17th Episode: ‘Top Notch’

Double Agents Cast Reacts to 17th Episode: ‘Top Notch’

The Challenge: Double Agents is quickly coming to an end and the 17th episode of the season, a full-length episode titled “True Lies,” continued with the drama of last week as the remaining players tried to protect their skulls and make it to the final. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the 17th episode of The Challenge: Double Agents which aired on April 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

The episode saw another exciting “mini final” type of daily challenge, this one for the female competitors only as the male cast members all volunteered to leave with TJ Lavin, thinking they would be the ones competing. It was an excellent opportunity to see how the girls would fare in a final and Kam Williams proved to be the strongest in that challenge, solving her puzzle and finishing the run first, rescuing Cory Wharton and becoming the double agents.

The rest of the episode was filled with deliberations as the competitors scrambled to stay safe in what would be a male elimination, another Hall Brawl. Fessy Shafaat nominated himself to be the house vote in the hope that he would win the elimination and be able to get a new partner and Kyle Christie was put into the Crater by Cory and Kam, who went against her promise to throw in Cory.

The brutal Hall Brawl, set to be a best-of-five matchup, ended after only the first round as Kyle sustained an injury to his hand and TJ announced that he was not medically fit to continue. Fessy then stole Kaycee as a partner, leaving Leroy Garrett to choose Nany and CT Tamburello was left with Amber Borzotra in what will be the final pairs of the season.

Cast Members Reacted to the ‘Mini Final’ Daily Challenge Run by the Women

In addition to Kam’s strong performance during the mini final, the daily challenge also saw Nany Gonzalez start strong but on the return leg with partner Kyle she ended up falling behind Kaycee and her partner Leroy. Amber, on the other hand, was left behind at the first checkpoint as she succumbed to the pressure and failed to solve the math equation. Here were some of the cast’s reactions:

There were also some cast member reactions during the politics and deliberation scenes of the episode, when Amber revealed how much she loved having Darrell as a partner and when Kam spoke up about the treatment the female competitors were getting from their male counterparts.

There Was a Lot Said Online About the Deliberations & the Elimination Matchup Between Kyle & Fessy

Hall Brawl was used once again as the elimination, for the fourth time this season, and Fessy once again had a strong showing, eliminating Kyle through injury. After the final elimination, the teams were again reshuffled for the last time before the final challenge, as the episode ended with TJ announcing that the four remaining teams were through to the final. See below for cast members’ reactions: