Double Agents’ Fessy Shafaat Defends Performance Last Episode

Double Agents’ Fessy Shafaat Defends Performance Last Episode
Double Agents


The Challenge: Double Agents

The 36th season of The Challenge is now almost over, with just the final challenge left to run, and one of its divisive personalities is now defending his recent performance. Fessy Shafaat is a polarizing figure on the show, with many fans criticizing the Big Brother star’s presence on the show while others support the athletic abilities he brings to the table.

In the last episode of Double Agents, Fessy nominated himself to be the house vote to go into elimination and change his partner. He ended up going into Hall Brawl against Kyle Christie and dominated the first round of the elimination. Kyle’s broken finger meant that he was medically disqualified from the show, earning Fessy his second Hall Brawl elimination win. After the episode aired and Fessy again faced criticism, he tweeted:

So my first season I was too quiet now I’m too loud. In the beginning of this season i was soft and scared of elimination and now I’ve volunteered for two and am too cocky and only win physical eliminations. Y’all confusing the hell out of me.

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Fessy Tweeted About the Last Episode & Said His Goal in Appearing on ‘The Challenge’ Isn’t to Be Liked

Fessy also wrote a series of tweets about being on the show and said, “I’m not on the challenge to be liked. I’m on the challenge to compete for a million dollars.” He also wrote, “If you threatened by someone’s confidence rather than inspired, take a look in the mirror. You can do anything you want to in this world. Just gotta believe even when they don’t.”

A few weeks ago, he said his goal was to compete and showcase his abilities. However, he acknowledged that sometimes his competitiveness and attitude have caused people to get the impression that he believes he’s better than others. He said, “I’m here to compete, I think a lot of people take it as me trying to shine this big light on I’m better than everybody else and I just want a platform to compete.”

He also explained that his fight with CT Tamburello stemmed from a misunderstanding the two had when Fessy told CT he wanted to earn several Challenge wins. Fessy explained that since he believes CT is the best in the history of the show, he has a desire to beat him to prove that he’s a better competitor.

Fessy Also Defended His Last Hall Brawl Win Earlier This Season, Against Nelson Thomas

Fessy competed in two Hall Brawls this season, with his first one against Nelson Thomas. Fessy decided to throw himself into the elimination when he saw the setup for Hall Brawl and defeated his former friend and ally, Nelson Thomas. He also defended that performance after the Big Brother star was accused of playing dirty.

Many fans said Fessy played dirty, throwing dirt into Nelson’s face and stepping on his hand, and after the first round TJ was heard telling the competitor to stop playing dirty. In an appearance on the Challenge Mania podcast, Fessy said he was offended at claims he was dirty:

That kind of rubbed me the wrong way when I heard people, you know, in their confessionals saying Fes is playing dirty. Cause I would never do that, you know, and I wanna win no matter what but I would never play dirty. I didn’t think I played dirty.

What was dirty? Like my hand slipped in his face mask and then I moved it right away, you know what I mean? There’s only so much you can do in there you know.

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