Double Agents Final Challenge Filmed in ‘Worst Weather Ever’

Double Agents Final Challenge Filmed in ‘Worst Weather Ever’


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The first part of The Challenge: Double Agents began in Iceland on April 14 and fans saw host TJ Lavin telling competitors to beware as a storm was coming. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first part of the two-part finale that aired on April 14. It does not contain any spoilers for the second half of the final challenge.

The host wasn’t joking during his introduction to the final challenge, as showrunner Emer Harkin confirmed to Us Weekly that they were filming as a hurricane was set to hit Iceland. On the Watch With Us podcast, she said, “We were filming in Iceland and in a hurricane, and a hurricane hadn’t hit Iceland since 20 years prior. So, of course, it would hit just as we were filming our final.”

She said visually, the final ended up looking nothing like what they had planned because of the weather but as producers, they have to prioritize keeping everybody safe while creating an amazing final for the fans.

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Emer Harkin Said the Hurricane Conditions Created Heavy Winds & Sandstorms, Making It One of the ‘Toughest Finals’ Ever Done

In her interview with Us Weekly, Emer Harkin said the weather was definitely a component in making the Double Agents final one of the toughest ever. She said the final “looked absolutely nothing like the final that I scouted,” which she said had “glassy lakes and blue skies and gorgeous snowcap mountains.”

Emer said instead, because of the hurricane, viewers don’t get to see any of that but will instead see host TJ “like a weatherman who’s about to be blown over screaming at the camera and the cast trying to avert their eyes from the sandstorm that’s coming at them.”

The showrunner teased the second half of the final and said, “It was gnarly. It was — truly, hand on heart, one of the toughest finals we’ve ever done.”

TJ Lavin Also Said the Final Challenge Had the ‘Worst Weather Ever’ on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast

The first half of the two-part final aired on April 14 and after the episode, host TJ Lavin joined Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast to speak about it. He addressed the weather specifically and said, “The wind was a whole different level.”

He told Tori and Aneesa that the Double Agents final had “the worst weather we’ve ever had in any final, no doubt about it. That was crazy.” During the episode, viewers could see the wind blowing hard, especially during the first checkpoint. “I love the crew because the crew never gave up,” TJ continued. “We’re just getting blown out, everything’s crazy, and they’re like, nope, doesn’t matter.”

He also said the weather in Iceland had started to get really cold by that point as winter was approaching and said he really didn’t like that element of it: “It gets really cold, and I don’t love the cold.”

The first part of the two-part finale ended just after Kaycee Clark appeared to pick up a major knee injury and her partner Fessy Shafaat struggled at the eating challenge. Chris “CT” Tamburello and Amber Borzotra won that checkpoint and were in the middle of deciding which team to give the extra plate of food to as the episode ended.

The Challenge: Double Agents finale will air on Wednesday, April 21, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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